Saturday, February 25, 2006

Blogging the Run (again): The Perfect 10

Disclaimer: I know it is boring to hear about my runs all the time but this is my place to relive them instead of torturing those I live with and love with dull tales from the run.

I had another great run last night so I feel that: I. Am. Back. I already feel that upward curve in my psyche; my mood rising.

Yesterday the weather was awesome--dry,breezy and mid 60's. I usually don't get to run on Friday's unless Ryan comes home early or my mom or Bubbles agrees to watch Things one and two. Ryan, lucky for me, came home early yesterday.

I was on the phone with my friend, absolutely green that she had gone to the gym for an hour and then played tennis for 2, so my motivation was set. Competitive, competitive-- I know, I know. I hung up and headed out the door.

I planned on only doing six but I was feeling good so I did ten. Ten miles is my perfect run. It is long enough that I lose myself in the run, you know, get to that place where the mind divorces the body, but short enough that it doesn't kill me. Most important though, for 10 and less I don't have to bring anything but my Ipod with me--meaning no water, no phone, no Powerade to carry.

It was a very hilly 10 and it felt fabulous. I do this route occasionally but reversed it so I was hitting more uphills than downhills. I am such a little masochist.

I ran every step and up every hill and it felt great and I felt fast. I finished in an hour and 21 minutes--just over 8 minutes per mile. Woo hoo!

I celebrated with nearly 3 margaritas (couldn't finish the 3rd) and enchiladas that I was almost too tossed to eat. I read a very slurred Fox in Socks to the kids and was asleep by 10 pm.


  1. That sounds awesome! Foksh in soksh. : )

  2. Oh, and - keep blogging the runs. You totally keep me going. : )