Friday, August 31, 2007

Trophy Husband? or What goes bad on a Hoof?

Boy toy, definitely!
And to answer the second seemingly unrelated question: NOTHING! Com'on! Who doesn't love bacon?
So that's Ryan.
My trophy husband.
He is 55 days younger than me.
And bacon? He loves it. Almost as much as Parker eats turkey.
Scandalous, huh?

Today he turns 36 and now we are the same age. Even still, I get carded way more than he does--no doubt these are people who feel sorry for me and think my self-esteem needs a boost but nonetheless . . . This means, clearly, that I am the younger looking one. And THAT is what really counts. Right? (And yes, Lala, everything is a competition.)

We celebrated with little fanfare. Pizza, beers and cake. And no, I am NOT the one who drinks the PBR (gag). Hence why I am the younger looking one. Very low key since Carmella was not feeling too good.

I did get him a really great card.
I'm such the romantic.
I can't show it to you because it might fall under "questionable material" and I might get flagged.
But I'll describe it. (Or you could just go to Publix and see it for yourself)
It is a picture of pig's butt. You open it and it says:
I'm sorry, I thought you said you like PIG butts and you could not lie.

I still can't stop laughing about it.
The check-out lady at Publix didn't find it nearly as funny either but Ryan liked it.
And see, that is why we're a couple.

I've been playing a game.

It is called "Let's Pretend."

Carmella and Beau play this all the time. They are so good at it that I am often confused by what is pretend and what is real.

Okay not really, but let's pretend. . .

It doesn't matter whether they are pretending fairy tales, superhero vs, evil villain or even that they are fish in a pond waiting to be fed-- they totally go at the imaginary world with gusto and completely adopt the pretend personas. There have even been the times where I had to pretend that they were my pets and I had to feed them their lunches on the kitchen floor. I go along with it here and there.

So inspired by their make believe prowess I thought I could mesh it with a little positive thinking and one part denial and pretend that I was person who doesn't have a cold. Unfortunately no amount of pretending has helped and I am just going to admit it right here that I have a cold. I've had it for over a week. It is not, like I first thought, a result of running outside on all those code red days, nor is it my fall allergies because who are we kidding? Fall? I don't think that is every going to happen here. So I have a virus(hangs head now in mortal shame). I am weak. My immune system failed me and I caught a cold. No, not from the kids or any known source. And now I have infected the whole house. It is the pretend cold that is never going to go away. I can't even make believe it away.

Actually, today I am better. But it doesn't matter since now Carmella has the pretend cold. Unfortunately hers is worse. She has a fever and a hideous sounding hack. She said she didn't want to go to school today because she was embarrassed of her voice. So she is home and that means no 17 miler for me today.

When Beau had my pretend cold earlier this week he liked showing off his froggy voice and since he didn't have fever he got to go to school. His teachers have praised him all week as to how well behaved he has been and marveled that "he took a nap 3 days in a row!" Well, that streak was broken yesterday when I sent him sans the cough syrup since he seems to have kicked that fake cold to the curb. And yesterday Beau got put in time out twice and did not take a nap and he did not get a reward at the end of the day. But see this of little consequence to Beau because he almost never gets a treat and the fact that he got one 3 days in a row will probably keep him from caring for at least a month that he doesn't get one. I honestly think for Beau the thrill of being naughty is sweeter than candy.

My pretend cold though is still hanging out behind my right eye. In the morning when I wake up my eye is oozy but clears up and the rest of the day I just have the sinus headache from hell. It is like a cloud. It makes me dizzy and my thoughts are slow. At least, the chest congestion is gone and my ears are no longer clogged. I've hated how all week I've felt like I was underwater, sounds muted and garbled. Did you say something? Help me! I 'm stuck in my head! But mostly I just hate this pretend cold and have begun to think maybe it isn't a cold at all but is really cancer or maybe even West Nile. I hear lots of birds have it. Mosquitoes carry it. And me? Well let's just say if I'm around there is no need for anyone wear repellent. The mosquitoes love me and me alone.

My point? Oh, yeah. I have a point! And it is that I'm pissed off because my workouts have-- yet again-- sucked this week. That's all. I really didn't have anything spectacular to say other than that. Not that I am making excuses mind you but sigh, I know I am making excuses. But when I look back next year I will know that it wasn't just laziness but a dumb old cold that had me slacking this week.

Sunday: Rest day. Lake day.

Monday: 5+ miles-- Garmin went out on me but I know it was less than 6, more than 5. Crappy run though. Pounding headache. In the afternoon I went to the gym to swim. I didn't expect much since I thought it would be a snotty choking mess but I surprised myself. I did a 400m warm up and then timed a 400m. It came in a 6 minutes 12 seconds. I rested 30 seconds and did another 400m. I was surprised that it too came in at 6 minutes and 12 seconds. I find that when I swim anything longer than a 100 I have very hard time staying focused. I try to stay with it but my mind wanders and my stroke becomes less efficient (I think but maybe not). I feel like I could be faster if I could just keep my head into it. I cooled down with an easy 400m.

Tuesday: I had some work to do and just felt really crappy so I bagged the run. I did vacuum the whole house with the shop vac to rid us, albeit temporarily, of Lola's hair. I do this at least once every week to keep from killing my regular vacuum. I am thinking I should start counting it has a workout out since it kills my back and completely exhausts me. Not kidding. I am dripping in sweat after I get done dragging that shop vac all over the house and being half bent over sucking hair off the floor and all the furniture. Heck, sometimes I even vacuum Lola. Next year puppy girl is getting shaved. Either that or we need to think of something we can make from all this hair. I might be less annoyed about it if it was generating an income not just an inconvenience.

Wednesday: I don't' know what was wrong with me. I got all optimistic about my rest day and the predicted low 80 temps. I mapped out a 22 miler. It was from my house out to Roswell and back. Lala's house was my 11 mile pit stop. I felt great til I hit Mabry Rd and I just should have known better. That road kills me. It is an extreme long downhill and then an extreme long uphill. It was miles 7 and 8. My headache came back and I just couldn't shake it. I ran past Lala's thinking I would rebound and would just make the run 18 or so. I had to turn back to her house and ended up asking her drive me home. The run did end up being 14 miles at a 9:23 pace so terrible pace but I am glad I got some of the miles in. I felt so tired and my head was pounding. I felt sick the rest of the day and even took some Motrin in addition to the decongestant. I think I was in bed before 9 pm that night.

I woke up feeling pretty good and decided that I would do an easy run and plan on a long run on Friday. I ran 5 easy miles in under 40 minutes. After I finished my headache was back but lesser than the day before.

Friday: So far no run. I am hoping maybe later I can get in at least 6 but hopefully 10. I am hoping the same for Saturday too. Not looking good though.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dear Asshole in the shiny red truck,

I am fairly certain the make was a Dodge. Your license plate started 880 and I'm not certain of the rest but I think it was XLD. You have a Cherokee tag. You are a white overweight man in your 50's or 60's.

I saw what you did to those two cyclists on Trickum Rd today. Your were absolutely breaking the law and had I had my wits about me I would have called the police and reported you. You, at the very least, would have been charged with a misdemeanor but possibly a felony for using your vehicle with the intent to murder. I think that is what is called aggravated assault.

Because what else could have been your intent when you raced up on the those cyclists--one in a bright blue jersey and the other in a yellow jersey that said ACDC? They were both cruising along at fast clip--probably 25mph and the speed limit there is only 35 but I can tell that you didn't care about that since you were obviously in a hurry--as that can be the only reason I can figure out to why you were not only speeding but driving so aggressively. I mean, the cyclists were within their rights and were obeying the traffic laws: they were on the right side of the road-- I'll concede, possibly a little to the middle but the road there is uneven and it is their right to ride to the middle when the road presents a hazard for them. So for you to gun it and swerve as if to hit them and then cut quickly in front of them, well, I just don't think your intent was anything less than to cause them to wreck. Very lucky for you they didn't since not only was I a witness but so were the other 2 cars in front of me.

And I personally think you should consider yourself very lucky that when you got stopped at the light--which I am sure pissed you off even more-- and the two cyclists caught up to you that they only gave you a "talking to".

I could see, from where I sat in the left turning lane, that they just wanted to educate you on the State of GA's traffic laws-- as it was quite apparent from your behavior that you have no idea what they are. And while I couldn't quite hear what your response was, I can guess it was that you didn't give a rat's ass what the law is since the cyclist, in response to whatever you said (and I know it wasn't nice since I saw finger pointing on your part), yelled "It is the law!" And then threw water all over your pretty leather seats (to which, admittedly, I chuckled at).

But honestly, you know, what I think they should have done was pulled your ignoramus ass out of your shiny red truck and splayed you out across Hwy 92 to see if you liked playing chicken with cars.

So in case you have any confusion Mr.Ignorant and ill-informed driver here is a little pamphlet you might want to read. It has all these laws in it and the most important one you need to note is that cyclists have all the rights to the road as a car does.

Signed the girl in the car 2 back from you who saw the whole thing. This is your warning. Bastard.

Friday, August 24, 2007

More Tortoise than Hare

Getting it done.

I guess.

If that matters.

Really, if anything, I feel like a turtle on a fence post just watching-- unfortunately not participating in-- the race that forever goes quickly by.

I wish I could say everything is fantastic over here but it isn't. Everything is pretty crappy and I am just hoping that this is a phase of some days must be dark and deary and it will all pass soon enough into brighter, sunnier, happier, easy breezy days. Physics, you know: the ball will bounce and all that. Or am I thinking of Newton? Whatever. Lit major, art minor; BA. Creative writing, rhetoric; MA. Stats for poets and bio for art brats: so yeah, no science. Whatsoever.

And yes, I know all that is part of the problem. Moving on now. Metaphors abound--neither here nor there. Relevant or irrelevant. It is what it is. Word?

I usually count on my running and stuff to get me through the times when everything else is crappy so it really brings me pretty far down when the running is going crappy too.

See, that is not suppose to happen. It does but it isn't suppose to.

Nonetheless, I am trudging diligently ahead and am sticking with my plan of running 40 miles a week-- including a 2 hour run, until Sept. In Sept, hopefully it will be cooler and things will have calmed down and I can--without guilt-- begin in earnest to start training for a marathon(s). I will add a 3 hour run and build up the weekly mileage towards 60 mpw, and maybe--but doubtfully-- 70 miles per week. I tend to sort of mentally and physically fall apart once I hit 70+ miles a week so I am not sure there is much value in going to that mileage. And lately I've seriously been wondering if there is anything to be gained in going over 60 miles per week. 50 is really probably ideal for me.

Quality, not quantity is going to be priority this year in the training. Okay. Really, not getting injured or burnt out is the goal. I plan on keeping the bike and the swim too. My bike makes me happy and the swim makes it all feel better. I also like how swimming keeps my arms lean and tone. When I was lifting weights I was tone but bulkier. With my body type I look like a line backer if I have any bulk on top and all I have to do is look at weights and I Hulk out. Turn green and everything. Roar.

Lately I am trying my best to deal with the heat. And it has been hard and not so fun. See, the thing I love most about running is how unencumbered it is. All you need is your shoes and the road. Well--if you're like me-- your ipod and your garmin too. And I do like to have my phone--you know, just in case. But otherwise you are unencumbered. Free. So having to carry water or food or stop for either is very annoying. Totally messes with my groove, my rhythm.

Now, don't get me wrong; I definitely think it is necessary, once the mileage starts getting up there to fuel. But for me? In cool weather? Yeah, the need for fuel doesn't usually happen until I am 2 hours into a run. I have pretty much since I started running been able to do 2 hours with out water. ( And yes, certainly I run better, faster if I have something after an hour or so but what I am saying is that it isn't necessary for me in training.) But sadly, I have found in this heat I can't even make it an hour lately and even then water just isn't cutting it. It is driving me crazy.

After my most disastrous run on Tues and equally bonked bike ride on Wed I went by Big Peach to pick their big running brains. Steve Demoss-- as always-- was very helpful and gave me an impromptu seminar on fueling and electrolytes and what to do and what not to do. I left with some more
Crank gels --that have been working okay-- and some EFS Steve recommended I try.

Friday I needed to do 10 miles. Less would have been fine but the more I did on Friday the less I would have to do on Saturday to reach my goal. I like only being less than 6 miles from my weekly goal on Saturday because 6 is almost always doable for me.

So Friday I made a bottle of the EFS and set out down by the river (read, flat) for a 10 miler. I carried it with me--something I haven't done in forever-- and I sipped the entire way and I felt-- in comparison to lately-- most excellent. I finished up in an hour 20--an 8:04 pace. Best outside run in weeks.

I attributed the well feeling to the electrolyte mix but wondered if maybe it was just because it was 15 degrees cooler than it has been. The temps were in the low to mid 80's Friday when I ran and on most of my other runs the range has been mid 80's to 100 degrees.

So yesterday morning, after a quick 2 mile warm up with Lola I decided to test out if it was the cooler weather or the electrolyte. I dropped puppy girl off and grabbed a swig of water and headed out for my 6 mile hilly loop. It was overcast in the high 70's/low 80's. I finished up in just under 49 minutes. So fairly consistent with my run on Friday-- probably a bit better since it was tougher because of the hills.

Okay so all this really has told me is that my body can't deal well with the heat and until it gets cooler no amount of fueling is going to make me run faster when it is this obnoxiously hot. I am just going to accept that when it is hot I am the tortoise and maybe once it gets cooler I can see how hare like I am--if at all. Slow and steady they say. So who cares, right? Bugger off bunny, I say. I'm just going to keep on plodding.

But, you know, at the very least I think to keep from looking like a turtle it would be in my best interest to bring water, drink water and possibly have all that other gooey fueling stuff too.

So the break down this week:
Sunday: Nada. Too hot.

Monday: 5 mile run am--easy-- and then 1600 meters in the pool in the afternoon. I swam solidly for 1200 meters then did some 100 sprints. First 100 came in at 1:16. Rested 30 seconds and the second one came in at 1:19. Rested 45 seconds (I was dying!) and it came in at 1:26. I quit and just did a cool down for 100 meters and called it a day.

Tuesday:Very sad bonked run that only ended up being 4 miles. Gross.

Wednesday: Pathetic but got it done 16 miler in 2 hours and 29 minutes.

Thursday: 30 miles on the bike at 17 mph pace. I rode out Azalea to Willeo up Timber Ridge to Little Willeo and then out to Riverside and up Eve's road, got confused in a neighborhoods and came back down Eve's and onto Martin Road and around and back out Riverside to Azalea. It was okay but I was out of gels so I only brought 20oz of water that I didn't remember to drink any of until about 20 miles in so the last 10 were just hell. I about died on the hills in Martin's Landing.

Friday: 10 miles in the darn right arctic low of 80 degrees.

Saturday: 2 mile warm up and then 6 miles in 49 minutes. Then hours of swimming at the lake with the kids.
Run: 43 miles
Bike: 30 miles
Swim: 1 mile

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I am really smart

That is what I heard Beau telling his teacher today as I picked him and Parker (playdate!) up from school. I have to say that everyday I am blown away by the confidence this kid possesses. He goes up to older kids at the pool and says "I'm Beau. You? You can call me Beau. Wanna know how to do a cannonball? Watch this." He is 4 and he has 7 year olds following him around and doing what he says.

Then there is Carmella. Last night I went to her first grade open house and was so blown away, though not surprised, by how neat and organized her desk was. My desk in first grade was always very messy--even when I cleaned it for the desk fairy. Knowing Carmella I expected nothing less but what cracked me up was how artfully organized her desk cubbyhole was. It was arranged and decorated. It was pleasing to look at. A desk to marvel at. I could tell that she took time and put thought in her arrangement.

And then there is me. And today I feel very not so smart. But I am proud, if nothing else, of my tenacity. See, yesterday I bonked in the heat 2 miles into my planned 15 miler. It ended up being 4 miles. Totally brought me down and I was plagued by self doubt and negative thoughts all day long.

So today this little engine that could tried again. I needed at least 11 miles but I told myself that if I got in my 15 miles I would give myself permission for a bike ride tomorrow.

I started running a little late. For some reason getting clean sheets on the beds seemed a priority. So I made the beds and folded a little laundry and paid some bills and made it out to run around 9:30 a.m.

Uhm, it was a little hot. 85 degrees hot to be exact.

I started to feel the pre-bonk signs despite my slow pace around 5 miles. I had planned a break at 7 miles but stopped at 6 and had a crank GU and lots of water. I felt really good and committed myself to what I thought was to a 15 mile loop. And I continued to feel good until I hit the 10th mile and started to struggle up a hill. So I walked until it was flat and then negotiated a walk run for the next 2 miles. At 12 miles I stopped for some Gatorade. Again I felt decent enough and thought about all the times I physically felt worse: last 5k of the ING marathon, 42 hour labor with Carmella, that time I had a stomach flu and was nursing a newborn, the time I did my first 22 miler and had to sit on the curb and cry for a minute because it was so hard, when I broke my pelvis and the morphine had worn off and they moved me for xrays. Every time I stopped to walk I would think; Well, I don't feel nearly as bad I did those times-- and I would start running. I even saw Garmin register a few 6:30 minute mile pace. Embarrassingly, though I also saw some 10 minute mile pace too.

I kept recalling the other more physically demanding and painful times in my life and just kept plugging on. I even pushed on in the 14th mile when I was temporarily blinded by a cloud of dry Georgia red clay a dump truck had just spilled at a construction site I ran past. I ran with my eyes closed past the workers who were not at all sympathetic. Bastards. Again, I still didn't feel as bad as I had those other times so I went on running despite how much I really wanted to call someone, anyone that cared, to come pick up my hot, sweaty and tired ass. But I hung in there and I got through it and it ended up being 16 miles in 2 hours and 29 minutes. A 9:20 pace. So not fast but the temp when I finished? 96 brilliant degrees.

I embraced the ice bath like a long lost lover I never knew I missed. Ahhhh. . . it was bliss. Just divine.

So maybe I am not really smart like my kids but I am persistent. And by persistent I mean kinda dumb.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Let's Talk About Sex

Baby! Let's talk about you and me.

Let's talk about it. . .

Just kidding, let's talk about food instead. Let's talk about all the good things to eat at a wedding.


I just think you cyberends (Internet friends) were so super to help Lala pick her dress and I thought that maybe you wouldn't mind being of assistance with the wedding menu too. Lala is meeting with the caterer this week and I think it would great for her to hear what are some of your favorite wedding eats.

Here, in case it helps, are the details of the upcoming soiree: the wedding is at 7:30 pm in-- as Rae recently coined--the Wedding Meadow (aka The Goat Memorial Garden's, aka, Lala and Pop's front lawn) and then the reception is immediately following at Lala and Pop's. There will be about 150+/- people and it will be a buffet. Reception is inside the house and on the front and rear terraces. There will be tents in case of inclement weather. Lots and lots of candles.

Okay, now that you have the details in mind tell us first what you like to see being passed around on trays while you enjoy cocktails and socialize on the terrace--maybe dance a little. We have discussed low country shrimp, crab cakes and spanakopita.


What about the buffet? Pastas? Carving station? We are leaning towards a honey glazed pork loin but other options are turkey or a beef tenderloin. Your thoughts on meat on a stick? What about salmon. Veggie suggestions? Cheese, olive and bread tray? Fruit?

Com'on! Let's hear it. I know that unlike ladies dresses food is something everyone has an opinion on.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Beatitude? Attitude? Or just plain incertitude . . .

And you do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself about because, well everybody knows, "That's what it's all about!"

Okay, I have absolutely no idea "what it is all about" so the hokey pokey is the best I can come up with--right foot in, right foot out, left foot in, left foot out. Spin around. Sounds about right.

And while I am turning myself about and mulling over what's it is all about I get tidbits of advice and other's wise philosophies on how to manage the dizzying spin of the hokey pokey. My most recent advice was regarding expectation. I found, apropos that Alexander Pope has this to say about expectations:

'Blessed is the man who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed' was the ninth beatitude.

Sigh, I guess I am not the blessed for I am always guilty of expectations. I am a person who craves certitude. I want absolutes and I expect too much and therefore am often angry, frustrated and disappointed. My expectations seldom met; certainty almost never found.

How to undo this? You just let it go? Well, that is what Lala says but me? Yeah, I don't know. I don't think I know how. I don't think I can but I am going to try, a little anyway, to expect less.

Yesterday Lala and I were conversing and she was advising me that I should not place expectations on anyone except of myself--and even those--the expectations I place on myself? I should lower. And only then, I will be happy. Mmm, kay. Right.

I, of course, have my doubts and need to weigh in on this a bit more. There is just too much unwrapping my mind has to do to get me completely around the idea of no expectations. I think there is a certain security in thinking you can expect things. Then again, it isn't real security if you find that in the end that you really couldn't expect things but, you know, prior to the let down you might have been feeling secure--- right? Sigh again, I don't know. I just think you should be able to have some expectation. But maybe I am confusing expectation with accountability and then we are just getting headier here than I intended. I am sure these ideas are married somehow but let's just focus on expectation and forget about culpability. This water is muddy enough for me; no need to dump more silt into it.

So I just think to have no expectations is to be a little more freewheeling and self-sufficient than I am comfortable with. And even if I really can't, I like to think I can count on some stuff to happen. Yeah, I know, that is the sure road to disappointment. Like I said, I need to work on it.

Anyway, Lala and I had this conversation before I headed out for my first long run in almost 2 months. And it wasn't a true long run but for August, it was long. My plan was simple: I needed to bring back the 2 hour run. In another few weeks I will add the weekly 3 hour run.

A 2 hour run isn't generally an issue for me but in August it is and particularly lately as I have been bonking after about an hour. I am having some dehydration/fueling issues. Still trying to determine which it is. Leaning towards dehydration though.

I decided that my long run would be the prefect time to unburden myself.

I also decided, since I was dealing with the evil triad of heat, hills, and humidity to make things a little easier on myself. I couldn't do anything about the heat and humidity so I took the hills out of the equation and, per Lala's advice on the simplest level, I took out expectations. Well, I still had one expectation: to be able to run for 2 hours. You've got to be able to expect something or how else do you know where to start? Where do you aim? Ugh! Sigh. I'm just not getting it.

I went down to the river and parked my car in the middle of the course. The temperature was already in the low 80's and it was muggy as hell. I ran out one way for about 45 minutes. I stopped at my car and had a crank gel and lots of water. The water sloshed in my tummy for about a half mile but then I was comfortable enough and picked the pace back up. Around the 10 mile mark I started to feel crappy-- as has been my body's habit of late-- but by the 11th mile I rebounded and finished fairly solid for a total of 14 miles in an hour and 59 minutes. Screw that last minute-- it was 88 degrees and I was done.

Last fall I was easily getting 15 miles in 2 hours and that was on a hilly course but since my only expectation was to run for 2 hours I am happy with my effort. So Lala might have something there but then again I also think that if I keep up the low expectations that I might not be challenging myself and that would ultimately make me more disappointed than not meeting my expectations.

At any rate I am pleased with efforts this week:
Sunday: Triathlon; 400y swim, 13 mile bike, 5k
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 10 mile run--no time
Wednesday: 10 mile run in the am--no time. 35 minute swim in the afternoon (I am guessing between 1600-1800 meters)
Thursday: 30 mile bike ride
Friday: 14 mile run--1 hour 59 minutes
Saturday: 4 miles on the treadmill--29 minutes 51 seconds.

Week end totals:
Run: 41 miles
Bike: 43 miles
Swim: 2000 meters give or take a hundred

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bag Lady Couture

You hoo
Hey there everybody!
Lala needs help choosing a dress to wear to my sister Pookie's wedding. She has 3 picked out and just can't decide.

For those that do not know Lala, she is the mother of the very nontraditional bride Pookie, my sister. See, Pookie really wanted a red wedding dress but could not fine one to her liking. And I'm sorry but I can't describe Pookie's dress to you because groom-to-be reads my blog but I can tell you that her wedding gown is not so traditional. It is more traditional than a red wedding dress but not exactly the cream puff confection that I wore. It would also be fair to say that compared to Pookie and Lala I am the Jacki O of conservative and classic taste in the family. What I am trying to explain is that the traditional mother-of-the-bride dresses do not appeal to either of these two artistes. Oh, and you should also know that Lala has long had a penchant for the bag lady look.

Please help Lala out and post your preference for dress and shoes in the comments.

Dress number 1 Is a purplish and gold slip dress in silk and burn-out velvet. I can't remember whose label it is. Lala bought it at one of those posh boutiques in Alpharetta.

It also has a shaw.

Dress number 2 Is an Ivan Grundahl dress in the true bag lady style purchased at Mooncake in Va Highlands. It is tres avant-guarde. This dress has crazy bustling, erratic hems and frayed edges. The material is a cross between a rain jacket and duchess satin. It is an army green color with a bit of sheen.

Back view:
Dress number 3 Is an old dress from Lala's closet. It is an INC dress. Gosh ,it may be almost vintage. I want to say it is circa 1995. I had borrowed it and altered it to fit me and wore it to a garden wedding in New Orleans before Ryan and I got married. It is a silk, army green slip dress with an organza inlaid hem. She will pair this dress with the meditation shaw she purchased at Moon Cakes in Va Highlands. This dress will require the magic underwear--in case that factors into your decision making.
Meditation shaw:
Dress number 3 also has an additional option with an alternate cover-up. Lala calls this the "cage". I think it looks like a nightgown.


Like maybe, what is that little head in the pictures about? Why that is one of Lala's Secret Keepers. I have lots of silly comments about the Secret Keepers but I am going to keep them to myself since they are money item. And art that sells is a good thing.

Okay, now you need to pick the shoes.

The following shoes, color wise, will match all of the dresses (or so Lala says). So please pick a pair of shoes to wear with the dress you choose.

Shoe A. This shoe has a Lucite heel. Lucite is making a huge come back in accessories right now. It is also a practical choice for a garden wedding and will serve the dual purpose of not only being fashionable footwear but will also aerate the lawn without damaging the shoe. How great is that?
Shoe B Is a ballet flat in a faux metallic either alligator or snake skin with a t-strap. I personally do not think these are dressy enough and think these would work better with jeans. But then again, I'm a heel girl and if I could run in heels I would be wearing heels all the time. Lala, however, is a little taller than me so comfort--not height-- is more important to her.
Shoe C Strappy bronze Nine West Sandals. Eh.
Your vote is greatly appreciated and I will be sure to let you know what Lala decides however, do not be surprised if Lala doesn't go out and buy yet another dress. You know, Mom , maybe you should just wear them all and just treat the wedding as the stage for your own Bag Lady Couture fashion show.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Hark the herald angels sing school is back in session.

Yesterday was Carmella's very first day of first grade. Check out my big girl and her big girl desk--cubby and all. Pencil pouch and her very own scissors. Wow. I, have a first grader.

Beau started prek today. I became Ryan's secretary and spent my day running errands and becoming very acquainted with the fax machine. I even wore the proverbial much too short skirt for my new position. This was, of course, after I had run 10 miles.

Yesterday Carmella was very cooperative about the first day pictures and even asked me to walk her to her classroom. She did have a lot of supplies to take in. (And getting said supplies involved a scavenger hunt. I'll spare you the details since others have already been privy to my pre-sharpened #2 pencil ranting).

But she quickly grew tired of me and my little camera.

Once I entered the classroom she got really mad and was ever so politely whispering for me to leave. I pretended not to hear her. Tehe.

She finally reached the point where she flat out refused to look at me. So I went onto chat up her class mates and introduce myself as "Carmella's Mommy" and ask them about their summer and if they liked ponies or batman. Carmella shot invisible lasers out of her eyes at me.
Then Beau and I went across the hall to talk to our neighbor's child. He was not embarrassed of us and a few kids from Carmella's class last year even said hi to us.
This morning, Carmella was quite clear about me just dropping her off and not coming into the school.

After we dropped Carmella off yesterday Beau was, of course, pissed off that his school wasn't starting. He spent the morning making a million messes, dressing in weird get-ups and playing "house" with Lola.

While I vainly tried to clean and do laundry I learned that Beau's version of playing "house" is a lot different than Carmella's.

Carmella was devastated when she came home from school. She scolded Beau for hurting the dog and immediately collected all markers, crayons, pencils and pens and hid them. Beau now has to ask Carmella for even a pencil and she makes him hide in the linen closet while she goes to her writing utensil super secret hiding place and gets him one. And Beau doesn't even argue or question it.

This morning Beau was very excited about his first day. So we, of course, did the first day pictures again for him.
He had to first run around the yard really fast. This was probably the first time since camp that he put his tennis shoes on. He explained that needed to make sure he was still fast in them. Apparently this is important.
I had to drop Carmella off first and then Beau so he was pretty mad about that but got over it when we got to the "Happy School"--what he calls his school. Such an optimist this kid.
Beau was thrilled to see his buddy Parker and rushed over to give him a hug and tell him all about is new notebook-- I had to buy him one because Carmella needed one. Parker, however, could have cared less about the notebook but was glad to see Beau.
And immediately he was too busy building something and making new friends to be bothered to even say goodbye to me. So no tearful drop off's for me. And that, is a good thing.

Here's to happy and smart school year guys!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Not Happy

Edited to add offical results:
Swim: 6:10 (4 in AG)
T1: 2:06
Bike: 42:09 18.5 mph (8 in AG)
T2: 1:27
Run: 23:54 7:43 pace (gross)
8th in AG
39th overall
Offical time: 1:15:45

WARNING: Bratalie bitch-moaning and belly-aching ahead.

Reader discretion-- and sympathy, or gosh, even better, empathy-- advised.

Please forgive me this. I think I need a day or so and a little perspective before I do full write up for the Acworth Women's triathlon. I have my nose a tad out of joint and I know it is dumb and I know I just need to relax and I know I just need look at the big picture. But today I can't.

But to answer your first question: Yes, I had a blast. I did have a ton of fun and the people were awesome, the race very well organized, and I didn't drown or fall off the bike but I let myself down and I am having a hard time getting over it.

I even got to meet fellow ATL bloggers--Wes! His cute little wifey Dee Dee, Andy and even my Ms. Anon commenter.

I know I shouldn't feel all disappointed, but I do! So I need a day or 2 to sit back and find the good points because I am having a hard time getting past my disappointment and I know it is misplaced.

I don't have my official results but here is what glancing at the preliminary results posted after the race said--this is from memory so don't hold me fast and hard to this.

Swim: 6:10 for 400yards.
I am fine with this. The swim was easy and I was frustrated I couldn't go faster. I ended up catching the wave that went ahead of me and I accidentally swam over a few ladies. I am so sorry and I hope everyone knows it wasn't intentional and I wasn't trying to be aggressive. Just trying to swim and go go go.

Transition: No idea. Forgot to look. But I was not fast as I felt it was more important to get it right than forget something. I had already overslept (please note that I have never overslept)that morning so my chi was totally fucked from the get go. There was no running in and out of transition on my part.

The Bike: Right at 42 minutes or just under.
And I was happy with it. The bike was much easier than I expected.

Transition: Again I was slow and trying to be methodical but nonetheless forgot to remove my helmet and was not alerted to that fact til I had left the transition area. I tossed it over the fence after a brief moment of debating whether or not to run back into transition and put it back. Think I made the right call.

Run: So embarrassed. 23 and way too much change (hangs head in mortal shame).

UGH!!!I. Could.Not.Get.It.Together. First mile was ridiculous--8 something. Huh? WTF? I really tried to push it but when I hit the 2 mile mark and Garmin said 15 minutes I knew I wasn't going to meet my goal. Then I lost the signal and had no idea where the finish was and the I was at the finish and it was over. I saw the clock as I crossed and it said 1:25. I was totally heartbroken and then Steph (who, I think, had a phenomenal race) finished and reminded me that we hadn't started until 7:40 so my time was really 1:15. I think I was 38th over all. Steph was 39th (you go you silly sandbagger!)

And I know I shouldn't be upset with that. And I'm not, completely. I am just so pissed about how I fell apart on the run--a freaking 5k!!! I run more than a 5k almost every time I run. I've done bricks after the bike that were 7, 8 miles and run faster than I did today. I just feel like I really put forth the effort in my training--especially for the run--and I expected to perform as such and well, it didn't happen. Obviously, I had too high of expectations of myself.

So yeah. Give me a day or 2 to get happy. Be positive.

Oh, and one more thing: I am not discouraged. At all. Just feeling a bit vindictive. That time? Yeah, it's going down!
Tri tri and tri again. Right?
Aw, see I'm already getting my shawing back.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Jitters and Reminders

Tomorrow is my first triathlon. I am not worried about any of the distances themselves as it is only a sprint and in almost every work out I do I exceed the distance of the swim, bike or run on a regular basis.

I think I am nervous about silly things.

In the swim I am fretting over the creepy lake bottom that I will have no choice but to touch with my bare feet as I run in and out of the water. I am worried I will swim way off course. I am worried that to prevent such a thing from happening I will lift my head 5000 times during the short quarter mile swim that I will drag my time out to 3 times what it usually takes for me to do in a pool. Oh and Ryan and his brother Patric tried to scare me that I also had to worry about this fish getting me. Creepy fish but that is the least of my concerns.

Sigh, see the sort of support I get from my family?

For the bike my worries are more warranted. I am not speedy on the bike and even though I am not terribly speedy on the swim or the run either I am comfortable and confident of my abilities in those areas. On the bike not so much--and this was even before I clipped in. Don't get me wrong; I love being clipped in. I love how I can power up a hill but I am also very conscious that I am always about 5 seconds away from a potentially embarrassing situation-- or worse, seriously hurting myself. Proof of this would be when I went for my first organized group ride on Thursday and I fell over in the parking lot before we even started the ride and landed on my ass. Ass, as well as my ego, is still bruised. How's that for first impressions?

So yeah my time on the bike for this tri is not looking as promising as I once thought. I think I am capable of hitting the bike in under 40 minutes but I will just be happy if I can do it in 45 minutes. Just ask Steph about my talent on the bike. She is still laughing at me for how much I brake on the downhill. She was, understandably, none too happy when she was behind me on the first big downhill on our group ride that by the time we reached the bottom of the hill we were almost at a complete stop and had to start the uphill with zero momentum. What can I say? I have a serious and well founded fear of road rash.

Oh, and I am also totally worried about mechanical difficulties on the bike. Especially since I have no idea how to remedy them and I think I am just the sort of person who would get her first flat tire during her first race ever with a bike. That is just how I think things work for me. But I am trying to banish the negative thoughts and just think it will not happen to me tomorrow. I am, honestly, visualizing success on the bike. I am willing it to happen.

I am not really worried about the run. My only concern is the heat tomorrow and what effect that will have on my pace. I have been consistently hitting under 22 for a 5k on the treadmill (and in most races) for awhile now. Ideally I'd like to see a sub 21 run but I just don't know. I've been practicing by the doing the 2nd mile at a 6:30 pace in my training runs and then backing off for the final 1.1 mile. If I can maintain a bit faster pace for that last mile then a sub 21 is totally realistic. But then again my fine tuning has been in the air-conditioning on a treadmill and tomorrow morning I think we will be blessed if the temp manages to stay below 90 degrees for the race. This past week of code red and 100+ temperatures isn't making me hopeful though.

So basically I am peeling myself off the ceiling by reminding myself that this is my first triathlon. And just like my first marathon my expectation should be to finish. Arghh, but you see, like my first marathon (where I ran a 25.6 training run and 2 other 21+ training runs) I am more than prepared to finish. So my expectations are a little higher for myself. A month ago though I was eyeing a sub 1:15 finish, but like Steph my super secret time was really a sub 1:10. Now, I think to be fair to myself--so I can finish happy-- I need lower my expectations.

So here are my 3 goals:
To finish.
Under 1:25
Ideal will be anything under 1:20.

You want a further breakdown?

Okay for the swim I just can't imagine it taking me longer than 10 minutes unless I somehow manage to get lost on the course. I think around 8 minutes is pretty realistic and anything under that will be ideal.

The transitions I will let the minutes fall where they may. I honestly have no idea what to expect there. Hopefully I will be quick and my experience with always trying to get 2 kids and myself out the door will help expedite me though transition. We'll just have to see if that experience is applicable or the reverse happens because I often find that when I only have myself to think about I get totally flustered.

Bike time, again, anything under 45 minutes and not busting my ass or getting a flat tire and not dropping my chain I will consider a bang up success. Heck, lets just say that if I finish the bike in one piece I will consider it a success.

The run, as I've said, sub 21 minutes is the ideal. Sub 22 or just around there will be okay too. Anything longer and I will absolutely think of it as a failure.

So there you have my predictions, my worries and my hopes. And I just keep telling myself, reminding myself that most importantly I need to have fun.

And lastly, here is how the rest of this week's workouts ended up:

Thursday: Group ride and run afterwards. The bike got shortened (according to Steph) to 14 miles. It was slow and despite the heat I thought pretty easy as we had lots of rest breaks in waiting to regroup. The run was ridiculously steamy so I took it easy. Steph say that was 3.04 but I went a different way so mine was either that or the full 5k. And I have no idea how long or what the pace was. I was just looking to run.

Friday: 4 mile run on the treadmill in just under 31 minutes. Then I swam for I don't know how many meters--less than 1600 but more than 1000 (I lost count).

Run: 20 miles
Bike: 39 miles
Swim: about a mile (including Sunday's open water practice swim)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

On Getting Phat (or is it just fat?)


I so hate the taper.

I feel all squirrelly and out of sorts and I worry that this decrease in exercise is going to make me balloon to unseemly proportions.

Really I should be welcoming the opportunity to allow my body to recover a little and build itself up considering the continual abuse I put it through but I don't. At all. I hate it.

And instead I worry that I am getting fat; fatter by the second and it is all I can do to keep myself away from the gym, truncate my workouts, or at least lower the intensity.

And while I am sitting idly by, watching my waist get wider, my skin look thicker, I am also astounded that with this lack of exercise comes all this time. Really, I don't know why I am surprised about that because it seems obvious enough but I am honestly surprised by all the time I have when I am not working out.

Now, you'd think I would put all that time to good use--like catch up on laundry, organize my closet, or clean out the kitchen cabinets-- but I don't. Instead I sit around eating and fretting over getting fat and wishing my race was here so I can hurry up and start training for my next goal.

I am such an idiot.

So here is how my taper is going this week:
Sunday: I had planned to run at least 6 maybe 10 miles but I got outside for my 2 mile warm up jog with Lola and it was so muggy and already 88 degrees so my 2 mile warm up because my run. So 2 miles. Then I did my 10 minute open water swim in the creepy lake.

Monday: 25 miles on the bike at around a 17-18mph pace.

Tuesday: This kicked ass: 8.2 miles on the treadmill in an hour. But what I most proud of is the 7 miles that came in at 49 minutes and 48 seconds. You can see that it doesn't take much for me to impress myself. I'm easy like that--a slut for myself, a sure thing.

Wednesday: Again with the treadmill: a 5k in 21:51 and then jogged it out to the 5 mile in under 40 minutes. Walked another 5 minutes just to cool down. I was not impressed with myself but just happy that I got it done as it took a little convincing my legs that they could run. I guess I impressed myself too much the day before. I guess that is what you call . . . well, never mind. Not polite. Let's just say I was little worried that I had wasted myself with my little run on Tuesday.

So I have brick (bike/run) planned today, and I want to get in this week another 4-5 mile run (this time easy) and a mile swim. I plan to do nothing on Saturday.

So my totals for this week should be something like 20 miles for the run, 45 for the bike and a mile or so for the swim. That is okay for a taper I think.

What's next?
Cranking up the miles.
Yeah baby! Marathon training officially starts next week. . .

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Powder Room

This post is for Harriett. She is Lala's sister. She wants to see the recent renovation that Lala did to the powder room. Harriett lives in Texas and therefore can't just come over and see powder room for herself. And of course she and Lala are so technologically unsavvy that me posting pictures on my blog is easier than tutoring them both in downloading, uploading, attaching and emailing photos.

Little background for those not in the know:

My parents have been doing lots of renovations to their house. Pretty much since they had the house built in 1984.

There is always some renovation going on in the house but in the past few months there have been more than usual because my sister is getting married--like I did--in the Goat Memorial Gardens and the reception is in my parents' house.

Goat Memorial Gardens?

They are called the Goat Memorial Gardens because there was a goat massacre in 1998 and all the goats --except Vincent Van Goat (He only had one ear as a result of an incident with a dog)--were slaughtered by unleashed dogs (people, leash your dogs). And since then my parents have no longer owned goats and turned the front field into a garden. I got married there and in September, so will Pookie.

Questions? Everyone brought up to speed?

Okay, so current renovations have included but are not limited to:
The new paint and molding on the outside of house (completed).
Stone front patio (completed).
The interior venetian plastered (in progress).
New molding in the interior (pretty much complete, not painted)
Enclosing the catwalk (completed but not painted.)
Tiling the staircase. Okay, really, rebuilding the staircase (incomplete).
Painting various up stair rooms (incomplete).
Redoing one of the upstairs bathrooms and the downstairs powder room (both complete).

So, here, for you dear Auntie, are the powder room pictures
What is hard to see in these pictures in the finish on the wall. There is real silver leaf. It actually looks brownish in these photos but it is silvery grey in real life. It is very pretty. Lala did it herself.

Pop did the plumbing.
And put in the floor.

And the crown molding.

Lala did all the decorating and picking stuff out.

If they get the stairs done I will post pictures of that too.

Clocks a ticking guys. September is closing in . . .Dum dum da dum, dum dum da dum, dum dum da dum, dum dum da dum dum . . .

Monday, August 06, 2007


Om . . .
Om . . .
Om . . .

Yeah, right.
No worries, Nat's no Buddha. I got no Dharma. I know no Tao. Heck, I barely have a handle on when, where and how. Forget about enlightenment, truth and the way.
But today I clipped in and became one with my bike. So I'm at least making it down the path a little better. And rather than "om" my mantra went more like this .... wheeeeee!!!!!

It was fun. It was great. I felt free and fast.
But I wasn't: an hour 24 for 25 miles at the Greenway. Flat, but a bit curvy and holy crap it was hot as Hades--98 hot humid degrees. Bless me the shade. Bless me.

Wes bailed on me. The bastard. He ended up having to work so no Silver Comet Ride for me. Boo. Maybe next week.

Ryan also failed to bring his promised tools home. So I went to Lala's and raided Pop's tool museum and set to work on my bike renovations myself.
And before I completely lost my patience (see, no Om) I successfully moved the bike seat. All.By.My.Self.

On my way to the Greenway I stopped by Roswell Bikes and the guys there happily helped me make my bike adjustments. Get this. They even put air in my tires--apparently you are suppose to do this regularly. Who knew? Sure has heck not me since my tires have been unpumped all summer. I have never put air in them. I thought you just waited til they went flat.

The cute friendly bike boys also oiled my gears--God, that sounds so sexy--and adjusted my brakes, moved my handle bars... cue music

They put the pedals on for me too and even gave me a little lesson on how to use new pedals in the parking lot. That was not so sexy. I felt like how I felt the day Pop took the training wheels off my bike. I was glad I did not crash into a car today like I did when I was 5. At least with age my coordination has improved slightly.

After all those adjustments Lance is a completely different bike now. Wait, wheeeee!!!!!!!!!

So it was good ride and I can't wait to test my spiffy new pedals out on the road and see what Lance and I can do to some hills. Probably about what we were doing before: getting our arse kicked.

Yesterday Ryan and I had an adult day at the lake. The kids were off visiting Callaway Gardens with Bubbles and Poppy. Ryan was kind and let me get my swim in before we sat in the hot sun and drank too much beer and well, the rest is none of your business.

Here is me doing my virgin open water swim. I swam for about 10 minutes. It wasn't spectacular-- just okay. The lake is so dirty. Note to the ladies: white bikini not a good idea for lake swimming.

It was really shallow here and I would have preferred it been very deep. I completely freaked after I finished and my foot hit spongy creepy lake bottom. So gross. I am cringing just thinking about that. I don't know how I am going to deal with that in the tri but I guess I will find a way.

And here is me practicing my very rusty butterfly. Oh God I suck. I can't believe that use to be effortless.

What else? Counting down to tri:
Training? Check. Practice open water swim? Check. Outfit? Check. Fix bike? Check.

Tell me, why is it that now I am more freaked out about all this than I was when I started training. I'll tell you. Ignorance is bliss. Knowledge is the death.

Deep cleansing breath.
I can do this. Om, Om, Om . . . .
Tell me that when I cross the finish line on Sunday I will be back to saying wheeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Still Life With Half Full Glass Set Next to Allen Wrench

I did not have a stellar week.
And I think that is okay.
I mean, it will have to be.
And yes here is where I am being an optimist, a positive person who is trying not to see a half empty cracked and broken glass but rather an almost full and rimmed in a fine silver lining glass: At this point I don't think I am going to make any real fitness gains in speed or strength for the triathlon NEXT Sunday. Wow. It is almost here.

Here is the recap:
Sunday: 16 mile bike at the river in an hour.
Monday: 4 mile run outside
Tuesday: 11 miles outside, 1200 meter swim, thwarted gym bike
Wednesday: 7 miles on the treadmill in 51 minutes: 1650 swim in 30 minutes
Thursday: 22 miles on the gym bike in an hour-- hills between level 13-15. Ugh. I suck.
Friday: Gym brick. So proud I got this in because I felt yucky. 13 miles in 37 minutes on random, levels 10-13. 5k on the treadmill in 23 minutes jogged it out 4 miles to finish in 32 minutes. This 5k was 2 minutes off last week's 5k. Suck. I guess this is what happens when you don't take a rest day in 2 weeks.

Charlie, guess you were right, but I still don't plan on a rest day until Tuesday this week.

Saturday: Ugh. So. Crappy. The first mile is always ridiculously bad for me but usually if I make it past that I start to feel better and get into my run. Did. Not. Happen. Yesterday. It was just plain awful the whole time. 5 miles in just under 40 minutes. An almost 8 minute pace is pretty crappy for me on the treadmill.

Run: 31 miles
Bike: 51 miles
Swim: 2850 meters

So today I plan to run this morning --just slow and easy and this is because that is the only way it will get done. No optimism there. Then Ryan and I have a day planned at the lake. I hope to convince him to take me to a beach or someplace where I can get in a swim and not worry about getting run over by a boat. He thinks I need to practice running in and out of the water too but I think he just wants to see me running around in my bikini. Anyway, my plan is just to swim for 10 minutes or so. I figure 400 meters won't take me that long so I should be covered for the race.

Tomorrow I have a long bike ride planned with soon-to-be-brother-in-law. I have the pedals, or rather the lack of pedals, to put on my bike so I can clip in. And the spectacle that will be me on the road tomorrow falling here there and crashing everywhere should prove very entertaining for Wes tomorrow.

See, Wes, what I can't do in speed and stamina I will make up for in a little side show of bike performance art. I really hope you don't see this post til after our ride tomorrow so you won't chicken out on me.

Along with the pedals I am also planning to have Ryan make a few other adjustments on my bike with his tools. I was going to do all this myself but Ryan all the sudden became very interested in my bike at the first mention of me "fixing" my bike. The interest registered exactly like how it does when Lola hears me say "treat." The word "fix" apparently has the same effect on Ryan. It was like I could see the visions of tools dancing above his head as I spoke about lowering the handle bars, putting pedals on and moving my seat back.


What's up with that?

I should mention that Ryan has shown absolutely zero interest in my bike or even hearing about my training rides all summer but fixing my bike and playing with his tools? Apparently he is all about that. In fact, I only mentioned in passing to him my plans for bike renovation. And since then he has pretty much asked me about it everyday-- promising me that he will remember to bring his tools home and wanting to know whether or not I have gone by my parents to pick up the pedals.

Very suspicious, huh?

But here is what I think all that is about: Clearly, it is about a man wanting to keep his woman down. He just doesn't want me knowing how to work any fancy tools because, well, everybody knows that a woman who has her own tools and knows what to do with them . . .

Well, let's just say it begs the question of what use is a man then?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

More Much Better

That is what my little word magician Carmella says about things that are superior-- they are "more much better."

It is as if she can't decide which is the correct adjective or maybe she is just showing off she knows them all.

Who knows.

She was a very early talker who before she was even a year old was dazzling us with her confidence of words. Many times her eagerness to expand her vocabulary has resulted in whole new words and phrases. We call these Carmellaisms.

And there are a gazillion Carmellaisms that I-- and others-- have adopted. I, I mean we, know the obvious thing to do when she says something incorrectly is to correct her but instead we are so charmed by her creativity and the cleverness of the mistake that we just adopt her wordage:

Pocket Purse for pocketbooks?

Lick a Che for Chick fil a?

Breakfast clown or rope meat as an insult?

Freaking out like ice instead of a very plain "meltdown."

"I do not love that" for something completely distasteful.

"Barnacles" or "Chicken nuggets" instead of damn it. Those were her suggestions to me this morning while I unloaded the dishwasher and broke a wineglass in the process and muttered "damn it". I've heard her say both before but hadn't realized that she was purposefully substituting them for damn it. At least with Carmella the do as I say not as I do has worked.

Okay so you get the picture and the long of the short of this post was to say that my workout yesterday evening was more much better than the previous workouts this week. I hate doing workouts in the morning but I prefer to do them in the morning because otherwise I spend the whole day fretting that I might bail on an afternoon workout.

After procrastinating and 600 pep talks we finally got to the gym yesteday at 5:30. And here is where I have to say that I am lucky for my kids because they love to go to the gym and often I would just blow it off if they didn't expect to go and the fall out of skipping (read tantrums and theatrics) is worse than torturing myself for an hour on the treadmill. To further illustrate this point: just this second Beau came to me wanting to know what we were doing today and told me he wanted to go to the gym 3 times today--as he held up 10 fingers.

Even cutting a workout short is unacceptable because if I show up in the gym nursery too soon they balk and yell (read embarrassing public tantrum and flailing about on the floor) at me that they are not done playing. While Beau has a fit Carmella will politely suggest that I should go lift some weights or run some more.

Yesterday though I apparently stayed a satisfactory amount of time because they both praised me for the long playtime they had when I came to collect them. And I too was spent but happy with my "playtime."

I got in 7 miles in exactly 51 minutes on the treadmill and walked it out to the hour. A girl in the locker room queried me and went on to praise me for my speed quite loudly in front of the other ladies in the locker room. I did blush a little but also swelled a bit too. So much that my head barely fit through the doorway to the pool. Admittedly, I was beat but her laudations seriously rallied me and I swam steady for 1650m in 30 minutes. Of course the laps could be off in either direction since I am a horrible counter once I get much past the 1000 meter point.

So today I feel more much better and I am headed out to the gym here in a bit to ride the bike--I mean, unless I can convince Lala to watch the crazies.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Subtle Power of Suggestion

My sister gave Beau a Spiderman costume for his birthday.
He loves it.

As he loves everything everyone got him.

Seriously, everyone who gave him a gift should feel it was money well spent as he has divided every second since his birthday equally among all his new toys--yes, Dee Dee, even the camo rainboots. He has worn them

Anyway, he just came to me asking me to turn the Spiderman costume to the evil side. He told me he "likes to be bad."

Don't I know it. Don't. I. Know. It.

He also told me that he was going to wear the costume to his 4 yr old check up today because that? That would keep the shots from hurting him.

Ah, to be 4 again and believe in superhero powers.


I am tired this week. My workouts have been sucking. Not sure what is up. I mean I think they have been sucking but it could just be a case of me expecting too much and me thinking I am better, faster, stronger etc than I really am.
It is probably that.
I am sure that is what it is.

Sunday was understandable. I had a touch of the flu. Too much Chandon will do that to a person. Sunday morning I hit the road with Lance for the first time in awhile. After being a mouse on the wheel it was nice to be out on the open road. I rode down by the river and into Martin's Landing for an hour.

Cranked out 16 miles and was disappointed that it wasn't faster. But I will say riding a bike with a touch of the flu is much easier than running with a touch of the flu. I'm just glad I got some workout in even it was less than stellar.

Monday wasn't my fault completely. Lala was watching the wild things while I did 7 mile loop. They stopped me at 4 miles and convinced me lunch at Booby G's was better than running the last 3 miles of my loop. So I met them at Booby G's for a salad.

I considered finishing my run after my salad and while I figured I would be fine I figured that misery would be my companion since it was midday, 88 degrees and humid as a hairy armpit. Vomiting was a distinct possibility. So I told myself gym in the afternoon. Unfortunately that never happened.

Side note on Bobby G's: Beau loves Bobby G's, as does Lala and they always want to go there. Lala goes for the hot dogs. Beau likes the hot dogs too but really it is the tattoo machine that is the big draw for him.

Yesterday I ran 11 miles but it was a lazy 11 miles. The first 8 or so were fine but then after that the walking began. I'm not sure what is going on but I think it is dehydration. I've been doing a lot of these 10/11 mile runs every week since; one, I don't have the time to run any longer than that and two, the stamina to want to run in the 85+ heat just isn't there.

Every one of those 10+ milers the last mile or 2 has been pretty awful. It would seem that 8 miles is my limit without water but in my mind it seems pointless to stop and get water when I only have a few miles to go. I know I could stash but then that takes planning and time away from running. I also am not going to carry water for a run. Stubborn, stupid--I know.

Since I haven't swam yet this week I headed to the gym in the afternoon. This also proved a bust. I forgot it was Tuesday. Which means there is aquafit at 6 pm. My plan had been 45 minutes bike and then 30 minute swim. But since there was the class I had to do the swim first. This isn't a big deal it just wasn't the "plan" and I also don't like to be on the bike wet at the gym. Just feels creepy.

I changed and got in the pool. The swim started out fine with a 400 warm up and then I decided to do the 10 x 100 meter workout in 2 minute intervals. I blew it all in the first 100 meters with that one coming in a under a minute 20. I will say it felt amazing and powerful. I rested the 40+ seconds and then went for another. The second came in at just over a minute 20. Good too but I was done. I wasn't fully recovered for the 3rd 100 when the 2 minute mark came around. That one came in at a minute 30. The 4th 100 I started late as I couldn't catch my breath but it still came in at a minute 30. I decided that was enough 100's and decided to just finish up with a steady swim. After 400 meters I was done.

I changed and went upstairs to do the bike. I made it 4 miles on the bike (level 12, random) for a total of 12 minutes. Went back downstairs, stretched and left. Just feels like the whole gym was a waste.

This morning I have to take Beau for his checkup-- so no am workout. I am hoping I can get it together for a 10k on the treadmill and half hour swim this afternoon. I feel like a slug. I know my workouts haven't been lazy but I am not powering through them as I usually do or I think should be at this point. And that is what is bugging me.