Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Hark the herald angels sing school is back in session.

Yesterday was Carmella's very first day of first grade. Check out my big girl and her big girl desk--cubby and all. Pencil pouch and her very own scissors. Wow. I, have a first grader.

Beau started prek today. I became Ryan's secretary and spent my day running errands and becoming very acquainted with the fax machine. I even wore the proverbial much too short skirt for my new position. This was, of course, after I had run 10 miles.

Yesterday Carmella was very cooperative about the first day pictures and even asked me to walk her to her classroom. She did have a lot of supplies to take in. (And getting said supplies involved a scavenger hunt. I'll spare you the details since others have already been privy to my pre-sharpened #2 pencil ranting).

But she quickly grew tired of me and my little camera.

Once I entered the classroom she got really mad and was ever so politely whispering for me to leave. I pretended not to hear her. Tehe.

She finally reached the point where she flat out refused to look at me. So I went onto chat up her class mates and introduce myself as "Carmella's Mommy" and ask them about their summer and if they liked ponies or batman. Carmella shot invisible lasers out of her eyes at me.
Then Beau and I went across the hall to talk to our neighbor's child. He was not embarrassed of us and a few kids from Carmella's class last year even said hi to us.
This morning, Carmella was quite clear about me just dropping her off and not coming into the school.

After we dropped Carmella off yesterday Beau was, of course, pissed off that his school wasn't starting. He spent the morning making a million messes, dressing in weird get-ups and playing "house" with Lola.

While I vainly tried to clean and do laundry I learned that Beau's version of playing "house" is a lot different than Carmella's.

Carmella was devastated when she came home from school. She scolded Beau for hurting the dog and immediately collected all markers, crayons, pencils and pens and hid them. Beau now has to ask Carmella for even a pencil and she makes him hide in the linen closet while she goes to her writing utensil super secret hiding place and gets him one. And Beau doesn't even argue or question it.

This morning Beau was very excited about his first day. So we, of course, did the first day pictures again for him.
He had to first run around the yard really fast. This was probably the first time since camp that he put his tennis shoes on. He explained that needed to make sure he was still fast in them. Apparently this is important.
I had to drop Carmella off first and then Beau so he was pretty mad about that but got over it when we got to the "Happy School"--what he calls his school. Such an optimist this kid.
Beau was thrilled to see his buddy Parker and rushed over to give him a hug and tell him all about is new notebook-- I had to buy him one because Carmella needed one. Parker, however, could have cared less about the notebook but was glad to see Beau.
And immediately he was too busy building something and making new friends to be bothered to even say goodbye to me. So no tearful drop off's for me. And that, is a good thing.

Here's to happy and smart school year guys!


  1. Enjoy your new found freedom, and your new job definition :-) Here's to having more time to run...

  2. This is so upsetting that they are growing up SO fast! I want to put them in the fridge and freeze time for awhile - being so bogged down in my numerous obligations, I feel like I'm missing out on all their important events. Stop the world please, for just a little while, so I can catch up! x lala (Duncan doesn't even know me)

  3. Nat, your photos can be found here. Will you let Steph know? Thanks!

  4. Hi Ms Matalie,

    Cherish the moments...I know you do...but they do pass sooo quickly. It seemed like yesterday, my two girls were just starting school...now one just graduated from high school...I'm with Anony...they do grow up sooo fast.

    I was looking at Lola in the first pic thinking....what strange markings for a huskey...then it dawned on me...duhhh...!LOL! :o)


  5. I checked out your race pics at Wes's site! For all the world you ladies remind me of the baptisms in the lake where I grew up in South Georgia. Did ya'll go eat fried chicken after all that wadin around?

  6. Back to school is like Christmas for us moms!

  7. Those are the funniest pictures ever. I especially love the one of Carmella shooting laser beams at you, and of course the one of Beau in his red goggles. Thanks for the laugh!