Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bag Lady Couture

You hoo
Hey there everybody!
Lala needs help choosing a dress to wear to my sister Pookie's wedding. She has 3 picked out and just can't decide.

For those that do not know Lala, she is the mother of the very nontraditional bride Pookie, my sister. See, Pookie really wanted a red wedding dress but could not fine one to her liking. And I'm sorry but I can't describe Pookie's dress to you because groom-to-be reads my blog but I can tell you that her wedding gown is not so traditional. It is more traditional than a red wedding dress but not exactly the cream puff confection that I wore. It would also be fair to say that compared to Pookie and Lala I am the Jacki O of conservative and classic taste in the family. What I am trying to explain is that the traditional mother-of-the-bride dresses do not appeal to either of these two artistes. Oh, and you should also know that Lala has long had a penchant for the bag lady look.

Please help Lala out and post your preference for dress and shoes in the comments.

Dress number 1 Is a purplish and gold slip dress in silk and burn-out velvet. I can't remember whose label it is. Lala bought it at one of those posh boutiques in Alpharetta.

It also has a shaw.

Dress number 2 Is an Ivan Grundahl dress in the true bag lady style purchased at Mooncake in Va Highlands. It is tres avant-guarde. This dress has crazy bustling, erratic hems and frayed edges. The material is a cross between a rain jacket and duchess satin. It is an army green color with a bit of sheen.

Back view:
Dress number 3 Is an old dress from Lala's closet. It is an INC dress. Gosh ,it may be almost vintage. I want to say it is circa 1995. I had borrowed it and altered it to fit me and wore it to a garden wedding in New Orleans before Ryan and I got married. It is a silk, army green slip dress with an organza inlaid hem. She will pair this dress with the meditation shaw she purchased at Moon Cakes in Va Highlands. This dress will require the magic underwear--in case that factors into your decision making.
Meditation shaw:
Dress number 3 also has an additional option with an alternate cover-up. Lala calls this the "cage". I think it looks like a nightgown.


Like maybe, what is that little head in the pictures about? Why that is one of Lala's Secret Keepers. I have lots of silly comments about the Secret Keepers but I am going to keep them to myself since they are money item. And art that sells is a good thing.

Okay, now you need to pick the shoes.

The following shoes, color wise, will match all of the dresses (or so Lala says). So please pick a pair of shoes to wear with the dress you choose.

Shoe A. This shoe has a Lucite heel. Lucite is making a huge come back in accessories right now. It is also a practical choice for a garden wedding and will serve the dual purpose of not only being fashionable footwear but will also aerate the lawn without damaging the shoe. How great is that?
Shoe B Is a ballet flat in a faux metallic either alligator or snake skin with a t-strap. I personally do not think these are dressy enough and think these would work better with jeans. But then again, I'm a heel girl and if I could run in heels I would be wearing heels all the time. Lala, however, is a little taller than me so comfort--not height-- is more important to her.
Shoe C Strappy bronze Nine West Sandals. Eh.
Your vote is greatly appreciated and I will be sure to let you know what Lala decides however, do not be surprised if Lala doesn't go out and buy yet another dress. You know, Mom , maybe you should just wear them all and just treat the wedding as the stage for your own Bag Lady Couture fashion show.


  1. Ohh, fun - a quiz!

    You didn't post the top of the last dress because it was covered by the shawl and the cage. So, that plus the magic underwear makes it a no.

    I vote for dress #2 with the lucite heels. Everyone's legs look better in heels.

  2. thnak you so much Nat! Aunt Boo and Betsy have already voted so I am counting on your bloggees to help me out here. When looking at the photos I did realize the head gear could add a mysterious element that might be good (and I also could eliminate make up and hair which would be a great time saver)However, Idid find the bag a bit hot, as was the magic underwear. Love, lala

  3. Dress number one with the first shoes!

  4. I guess I should weigh in :
    I think all the dresses look good on Lala but I also think it is silly to wear an old dress when you have 2 new ones. I think I lean more towards number one even though I do think number 2 is more flattering. Number 2 just makes me giggle every time I see it. And for shoes, of course, the Lucite ones--they say "Cinderella" for crissakes. But since really I want them for myself I think either of the other 2 will work just fine.

    Oh yeah, whicone does the unbridezilla prefer? Has she seen purple people eater dress?

  5. Annika picks dress #3 with the lucite heels. She likes bling.

  6. Love Love Love #1. Not so crazy about #2. #3 is hard to see, but I love the prayer shawl.

    This is totally what I do when I have an event. I buy a bunch of different outfits and then hem and haw for awhile. Hee.

  7. So far that is
    3 votes for Dress number 1
    3 votes for Dress number 2 (this includes Betsy and Boo)
    1 vote dress number 3
    Lucite heels clear winner.

    Okay, we need more votes.

    Oh, Lala, I think you should wear meditation Shaw with pants and slevess top and ballet flats for the rehersal dinner.

  8. Carmella just voted for Dress number 3 and lucite shoes.

    And Beau voted for the "garbage can dress" which as it turns out is dress number 2. lol. He also liked the lucite shoes.

  9. A guy's opinion...I like the first dress and the first pair of shoes...she's wearing both in the picture already. She will be stunning!


    Disclaimer: Ms Lala will be stunning in anything she choses to wear! :o)

  10. I say Number 1!!


  11. I like dress number 1, without the shawl, with shoes A (lucite).

  12. Carrie votes for dress number 1 and lucite shoes

  13. Gosh, we guys are so lucky...all we need is a tux and we're set to go!

    I'm horrible at picking dresses and/or afraid of the consequences of answering questions like "Do I look fat in this?"

    Plus, I don't want to "weigh in" as appear to be a cross dresser like DeNiro in the latest "Stardust" movie. I have my macho, tough image to protect!!

  14. The first two dresses are best. I have ugly runner feet so can't even give advice on shoes anymore.

  15. Dress #1 with the lucite shoes! Understated (so as not to trump the bride) but classy.

  16. kat's friend8:01 PM, August 17, 2007

    I didn't catch - is it a morning or evening wedding? Dress 1 if evening - take shawl, but don't wear it unless chilly inside. Velvet is great for evening! Dress 2 if during the day. However, I think that anything with a sheen looks better in person than in photos... and love love love the lucite heels...

  17. I like #2 also !!!! Its very pretty. And the lucite heels are hot!!! Hot Mom Check In !!! what what!!!

  18. It is an evening wedding. 7:30 pm, garden, end of September.

    Thanks guys for voting. Lala thinks she will be wearning number 2 and the lucite heels. But to be certain we will have to wait until the wedding.

  19. I'm a total lurker, but thought I'd pop in to vote. I LOVE #2--great, great dress. Shoes could either be #1 or #3.

  20. I say #2 looks very Lala. It looks beautiful, fun, comfy, and artsy. Definitely lucite shoes. Love them! Might I say I thought the pictures were of an actual mannequin because Lala is so perfectly proportionate!