Monday, June 12, 2006

7 Year Scratch

7 years and you still scratch all my itches, baby. If that doesn't get your romantic juices going then maybe this will:
I wrote a poem.

Okay, you know I am an over-achiever at the school of why do something new when you can just rework something old. So really, it is a rewriting of the old poem called Gravity. What can I say? I still like the metaphor.
I know, the older poem is about another relationship, a failed relationship. That is the point, right? We aren't failed. That's why it didn't apply to us. So you see, I had to rewrite it. Because, while all those old relationships brought me to you they just really don't matter anymore. No need to preserve silly old emotions that don't play into the big picture.

Oh, and, when I say "wrote" I mean I've been writing it while run and I carry and edit it in my head. See, it is for all these reasons why I am not a poet and I am okay with that.

This "new" poem is called Defying Gravity. Here goes. . .

Gravity shall be the universal and obligatory love among all massive objects
The Bible According to Einstein

Gravity diminishes the empty spaces
between us. Love is the field.
There, we touch and tease. Our bodies:
the mass that it consumes.
Newton tells us,
the force between two bodies is proportional
to the product of their masses.
He warns us,
it will weaken with distance squared.
I keep you close.
Our home is the moon;
two stars are our brilliant light.
And here we are: still weighty, yet balanced and
floating beyond earthy things.
Always mindful of the sun.


  1. You make me proud! I love what you've become.

  2. Nat, you may not want to admit it, but you ARE a poetess. A good one.