Saturday, December 29, 2007

Do a little dance, sing a little song, get dog tonight . . .

So the kids entertained Ryan and I with one of their many shows tonight.

A show is a semi regular occurrence around here. Carmella is always the director. Beau is the showcased talent. There is always a rehearsal and most often Ryan and I don't know a show is going to happen until we are recruited to come sit on the couch with our drinks to watch the show.

All shows involve Beau not following Carmella's script. Then what follows is Carmella getting very upset that her artistic vision is not being properply realized or worse, she'll make a mistake--despite having a carefully written out list with songs, script and choreography all planned out. While she fumes and fusses and directs; Beau hams it up at her expense. Inevitably Carmella becomes the disgruntled misunderstood director and a fight ensues with the talent. By that point the audience has had enough and both tyrannical director and loose cannon talent are promptly shuffled off to bed.

Tonight's show was no different.

Let me preface this with that Ryan and I are both regrettably very unmusically gifted.

Me probably more so.

And sadly, I've actually tried. I took a guitar class in high school. Lucky for me your grade was mostly based on written tests and so I still managed a good grade. The teacher (--I can't recall his name, maybe Mr. Moody???) told me on one of my guitar playing tests "I don't know why it sounds so wrong since you are hitting the chords right but something is very off." Though I am not known as one of the most astute people readers even I could tell it was painful for him to sit through my blues five finger strum. Me though? I thought it sounded fantastic.

If musical talent was based on exposure to music then my kids would be savants as they are not wanting for musical toys: ipods, cds, radios, microphones, bongos (thanks Aunt Pookie!), recorders, toy piano and each kid has their own acoustic guitar. Heck, we even have a Karaoke machine(scary, I know).

Truth is folks, no matter how much money you spend, you can't buy musical talent.

But don't worry. I'll still spread the love and share some of the outtakes of the performance.

And I will say, if you can understand Beau I think he shows real promise as a song writer. And well, Carmella, without a doubt. I think Caramel Christmas Tree is the next big hit. She has others but I made her save the Tea by the Tree for another evening.

First up a duet: The Candy Cane

Not sure why Beau won't face the "audience." Probably to annoy Carmella.

A solo performed by Beau: I like Spiderman

The Caramel Christmas Tree, by Carmella

"Eat soiled fish. With caramel on it." Mmmmm . . .

Lola seemed to feel left out so I taped her too. You can see how well we have her trained. Be sure to watch this one all the way through.

In other news my running is much improved over last week's sad one day of running and totaling 8 miles for the week. I believe that is an all time low for me. This week I am feeling much better and got in several days of running between 4-7 miles and finished up at 34 miles for the week. I also got in a bike ride with Steph. Not sure how long. Probably about 30 miles.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Here Comes Sanatalie . . .


Okay, so I got you all something . ..

For Steph I thought long and shopped hard but in the end the choice was easy: brand spanking new fancy knees. Now, don't go getting all fast and dropping me. I would be so sad if you didn't train with me.

For Doug: Well, duh. Freestyle! bwhahahahaha!

For Wes--my brother in law: a Christmas bike jersey and first place at the Roswell Nally Criterion.

For Wes: A PR at Disney and a smooth road to the Ironman!

For Dee Dee: marathon success at Disney.

For Joe Reger: First place age group in all your triathlons this season.

For Danielle: a subscription to the Journal of Rare and Fatal Diseases. Just kidding. Marathon success at Ga ING and Ironman triumph.

For Bruce: a 3:30 marathon at Boston.

For Charlie: a sub 3 hour marathon at Boston 09! I'll be behind you chasing a 3:15 (assuming I ever get to 3:30;)

For Anne: Triathlon and Peachtree success this summer.

For Jason: Come back success and to see you at more races!

For Mike at the gym: endurance so you can join me for beers at the Park Tavern after the Peachtree.

And for my peeps at the Marietta Big Peach:
Joe: To see you at Ga ING running that 2:20 marathon.

Kate: Sub 2:50 at Ga ING and first GA woman. You'll get it this year. And to kick my ass not only in the run but in the bike and swim at all the tri's this summer.

Steve: Gosh, just some time off so you can run and train so I can kick your ass properly. Wink.

Javi: a PR at Houston.

Karen: a PR at Callaway Gardens.

And to everyone else Pr's and an injury free 2009. Merry Christmas! I appreciate all the support/advice and love that you give me.

Oh yeah, and I am feeling better. 4 miles yesterday and 7 today. Felt wonderful! Getting there.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Still alive but not well

I think I have emphysema. Or maybe it is is syphilis as Danielle suggested since I woke up with a cold sore. Probably pnuemonia. 3 kids in Beau's class have had it recently. In fact one of them I saw at the Doc in box the other day.

I really can't believe I am still sick.

I am little better since starting antibiotics but only marginally so. This is ridiculous. I am never sick for this long--at least with a virus. I am assuming that it is a virus since the antibiotics haven't seemed to help much. Though that inhaler is making me wired and I feel like superwoman after a few puffs. Now I remember why I never use my inhaler. But I am now since breathing is pretty cool.

No allergic reaction but I am not ruling it out since I do feel pretty itchy. Last time I had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic it was after I finished the medicine. And then I had hives for a week despite the antihistamine and steroids. I had these giant palm sized red itchy welts all over my torso and Ryan kept saying "You're fine. It is just a little rash." Sympathy is not something he doles out. Lucky for him that I am not often looking for it. Though a little concern might be nice once in awhile.

Seriously though. Does this thing ever go away? Off to buy some Abreva and stand under the mistletoe to spread the love.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


OhmyGod! The rot is never ending. (Wes, probably best if you stay under that bed;)

I was up again coughing last night. The sinus headache I went to bed was still with me this morning and as an extra bonus my eyes were swollen shut with I don't know--eye phlegm? Yes, I was a pretty sight indeed. Sorry to say that I do not have pictures to share.

So I sucked it up and went to one of those Doc in a box places. We just switched insurance and while I have a doctor I haven't seen him in over 2 years and he wants me to come in for a physical before he'll see me sick. Totally makes sense. Anyway, that is why I went to Doc in a box.

I think I frightened everyone in the waiting room with my coughing. It was a gigantic waiting room. However I had more than half of it all to myself. So weird how no one wanted to sit next to me. Can't figure that one out.

Hey, at least I got seen very quickly. The doctor was alarmed that I could not take a breath without coughing. Bronchitis and a sinus infection she said. She wrote me a Rx for a new inhaler and for some really strong antibiotic that would knock anything out. Off I went to fill said Rx's.

Turns out super duper antibiotic cost over a hundred dollars. I told the pharmacist that I am not sick enough to spend that much. So she called the Dr back and I reminded all that I am allergic to penicillin. Nevertheless the Dr prescribed Keflex which apparently can have a cross allergic reaction. The pharmacist assured me it shouldn't be a problem but to keep Benadryl on hand and call 911 if I think my throat is closing up. On the upside the Keflex was free since I got it at Publix and it was one the antibiotics in their "free antibiotic" arsenal.

So yeah, I've taken my first dose. Thirty minutes have passed and no hives and my throat is still open--so far so good. Let you tomorrow if I make it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Better Day

Okay. I got in a 5 mile trail run with Lola at Leita Thompson and then hit the gym this afternoon for a 5k. Not spectacular but 23 minutes--I'll take it. Even did some weights.

So I am feeling better having had my endorphin fix. Apologies for bitchy foul post earlier. Mean as a snake, I tell you, if I don't get to run.

And just to clarify I am not still sick from the cold I had at Thanksgiving. I was totally well for at least 2 weeks. This is a completely different cold. Problem with me is that whenever I get a cold it always goes into my chest. I have asthma but it is very mild and I rarely have an issue with it--except when I catch a cold. At any rate this is a much worse cold than the one at Thanksgiving. But since I am a week behind my kids with it and they are well I figure I am at the end of it.

PS: Danielle. Very funny. I do not have syphilis. Or if I do Ryan and the kids (who gave me this damn cold) got some explaining to do.

PPS. Sorry Charlie if I made you sick. Hope you get well soon.

Heal Thyself

Look at me! Wheee! I'm all metaphysical. Believe and it will be. What a positive force in the universe am I.
Or is it Namaste?
Clearly, the Christmas spirit has a hold on me.

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year . . .

Uhm. No.

I am STILL sick as shit. EIGHT days of hacking. I've penned a very original song about my plight. Let me clear my throat and I shall sing it for you.
er uhm
er uhm


On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a sore and scratchy throat.

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me fever, aches and chill and a sore and scratchy throat.

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me a barking cough, fever, aches and chills and a sore and scratchy throat.

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me many gelatinous globs of mucus, a barking cough, fever, aches and chills and a sore and scratchy throat.

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me SINUS CONGESTION!
Many gelatinous globs of mucus, a barking cough, fever, aches and chills and a sore and scratchy throat.

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a red and runny nose, SINUS CONGESTION! Many gelatinous globs of mucus, a barking cough, fever aches and chills and a sore and scratchy throat.

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me shortness of breath, a red and runny nose, SINUS CONGESTION! Many gelatinous globs of mucus, a barking cough, fever,aches and chills and a sore and scratchy throat.

On the eight day of Christmas my true love gave to me 2 swollen watery eyes, shortness of breath, a read and runny nose, SINUS CONGESTION! Many gelatinous globs of mucus, a barking cough, fever, aches and chills and a sore and scratchy throat.

Fucking true love.
We're done.

I'm willing myself well. I am tired of coughing, sick of the foul taste of mucus and most of all I miss running. I've been patient. FOUR. That's right FOUR straight days of no running, biking, swimming, yoga, weights, walking. Nothing. Nada. The only time my heart rate has gone up is from my marathon coughing fits. This is ridiculous.

I'm done with this cold. I need my fucking endorphins.Understandably, I just can't possibly be expected to be nice, bright or merry. Unfortunately, I really need to be all of those things and full of good will since I am in the kids classrooms this week teaching an art lesson, attending class parties and working the reindeer centers (don't ask). So cold be damned, cough may kill me but I am running today.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dear Santa, For Christmas this year . . .

Beau would like his hair back.

So my sister gave Beau a hair cut.

Pookie always cuts his hair. But Beau moved too much and she made a mistake and well, above is what he ended up with after she "fixed it".

Admittedly, it is better than the mullet she had fixed it with first in her attempt to preserve his curls.

Beau and Carmella made much of the new haircut.

Carmella advised that he was probably going to have to tell his friends at school who he was. In fact, she said, he could even start using his real name: What is that again Mommy?


Oh right, because he is four. Just say "Hi, I'm Beaufour."

They practiced Beau being Beaufour.

Not wanting to let such a golden opportunity pass I piped in and said his new haircut was the perfect opportunity to make some changes in his behavior. I explained that he could claim his former obstinacy and unruliness had more to do with his wild and crazy hair than him. Now that he had a more serious haircut he would have an easier time behaving.

I don't think he was listening.

I am beginning to suspect that I have the teacher voice on Peanuts: Wha wha Beau! whan wan whan wha wha As he was as uncooperative as ever in the Christmas picture session yesterday.


Is there ever going to come a day when they will sit still and let me take their damn picture?

Oh, and Santa, while we are on the subject of Christmas presents I would like very much if you could please take this phlegm and give it to someone else more special and deserving than I. I feel like I am being selfish keeping it all for myself.

Just Monday I was telling Steph how the phlegm and I had worked out a peaceful coexistence.

Well, apparently not.

I am sick.


I was so excited on Monday thinking I was finally getting back on track with my training.
Not that I am training for anything.
Nothing planned until the GA ING marathon but you know I like my 40 miles a week, 2-3 hour bike rides and 1-2 miles of swimming a week. If I do all that I can eat whatever I want and drink as much dark beer as a lumberjack.

Since the Chickamauga marathon 5 weeks ago I have averaged 40 miles a week for the running but only gotten 3 bike rides and 1 swim in. Nothing consistent.
And me?
I like consistency.
So it is making me crazy, possibly even a little fat to have my regime out all out of whack.

Needlessly to say I was very excited about Monday's run bike swim: 5 mile run, 26 mile bike and a kick ass swim of 600 warm up, 10x100's and then 200 cool down. I thought finally I am back on it!

And then bam, Tuesday I have a sore throat. Nevertheless I got in 4 miles in under 30 minutes. But it did nearly kill me. I had a low grade fever and tummy ache afterwards but felt better Wednesday morning.

I was thinking I dodged a bullet.

But I had to skip my morning run because I decided I should take the Carmella to the doctor. Carmella has had a cough for almost 2 weeks. Now I had the kids at the doctor last week for flu shots and a check up and inquired about the cough then. The doctor assured me her lungs were clear and it was from nasal drainage. Everyone is phlegmy these days she said.

But after 2 weeks it still wasn't better and while I was partly worried she was on the fast track to pneumonia; I was also just sick of hearing her cough. So I decided to take her in. She grumbled a bit but at the first mention that there might be medicine involved she was on board.

I have found that the general rule of thumb is if you take one kid to the doctor inevitably the other will have to go in a few days. So I decided to take Beau too since he was also coughing. I kept them both home from school and made an appointment. I tried to get the first appointment so that if they were fine I could still send them to school.

First available was a 10:30 am appointment. Barnacles.

In the 3 hours before we left they managed to completely trash the house and Beau needed his clothes changed because he fell and got dirt all over his shirt while they were playing outside.

To say I was beginning to regret my choice of keeping them home is an understatement.

As I drove them--singing Christmas carols from the backseat at the top of their lungs--I braced myself for the "this is one of 10 colds they will get this year" lecture from the doctor. The kids on the other hand could barely contain their giddiness at yet another opportunity to pee in a cup. Not kidding. They are still talking about the cup peeing incident from last week.

So after a battery of tests to check oxygen levels, lung capacity, ear fluid and all coming up clean the doctor had the nurse swab their throats for Strep. And surprise surprise they both had Strep.

I could not convince the doctor to swab my throat. She said I was "too old." Whatever, the guy at Roswell Bikes thought I was 25-- 18 isn't too much of stretch. Nothing doing. So the kids and I stopped on the way home at a CVS Minute Clinic and I had a Strep test done. Negative. I just have a cold. Today though it feels like bronchitis. Fire in my chest. Hurts like hell.


I went for a trail run anyway. 5 or so miles and it totally sucked. Hacking. I was tired.

But I am love, love loving running on trails. I try to incorporate a trail into almost every run lately. It is like I have just realized that I've been cutting meat against the grain or something because now--with just 2 weeks of running on trails-- I feel like I have discovered what running is suppose to be like. I had no idea. All these years of running on the sidewalk and now--9 years later-- I find out I've been doing it wrong all a long. Who knew leaping over rocks and logs and bounding up and down hills could be so much fun?

So yeah, Santa, this Christmas some good health and a pair of trail shoes would be great.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Lady Pants

Lady Pants? Yeah, that's Ryan.
Quiet, unassuming Ryan.

Right. Ryan. My husband.

He's bringing sexy back.

As mentioned in the previous post Ryan and I attended our friend Dee Dee's 40th bash. And yes, as suspected, it was definitely "Bumping in the Burbs." The theme for the party was to wear your favorite animal print and show your wild side.

Originally, Ryan, Pat, Meme and I had thought we'd all dress as animals.
As in lions, tiger and bears.
As in Furry Fandom.
But buying such animal costumes proved quite costly.
Even renting was out of budget.
But most importantly, we chickened out.

Finding an animal print outfit for me wasn't all that difficult. But in the end all the animal print I wore was just my ugly leopard print tights. I think they make my legs look diseased. For the record, I am more of the plain black tights girl and if I do a pattern it would be in the fish net vein or maybe a seam up the black. All tone on tone. You know, in case you were wondering.

Ryan was disappointed that I didn't buy anything "animal" for him. I did look. And you might be surprised to learn that they really don't make men's clothing with animal prints. Nothing. So weird.

On the way to the party Ryan was still was upset about not participating so we stopped at Steinmart. For those unfamiliar with Steinmart it is a verified Mecca for all things animal print. It is also geared towards women in their 50's.

Okay, I don't know this for a fact but everything there looks like something my mother in law and her friends all wear or decorate their house with. I can't include Lala in this because she only wears Old Navy PJ's or workout clothes and decorates her house with things from old churches in Mexico.

Ryan scored a pair of lady pants in a cheetah pattern. Even got a shirt. $31 total. Lucky us for hitting the 14 hour sale.

When we got to Meme and Pat's we discovered that Pat had also shopped at Animal Print Mecca and purchased a zebra robe and fashioned himself ala Brett Micheal's. Awesome. Off we went.
Rolling, in the Expedition. Chandon flowing, JT Rhyming and Lady Pants thumping, bumping, he's bringing sexy back Yeah!. . .
I am so white.
So suburban.
And yet, so pimp. Here are the pictures of the party.

Me right before I do a back flip over Meme's back.Just kidding.

Ryan and Dee Dee in one of many dance offs between them. Apparently at my sister's wedding-- I mean the time when I drank shots of Petron and have gaping holes in my memory-- Lady Pants and Dee Dee busted out some moves to the "latest" JT song. Both had been practicing them at home and showcased them at Pookie's wedding.

I don't think this requires an explanation: Lady Pants and Meme Losers, 6 pack, people who stay way too late etc etc . . take 16. Finally, one shot where Lady Pants is not pulling up my dress to show my under pinnings--under trimmings which he had given me a lecture before leaving the house that I was to keep said underwear under wraps.(I'd show you a picture of me doing the aerial with said underwear not at all under wraps but Ryan specifically said no posting that. For the sake of martial harmony, you know, I obey.)

To see the rest of the pictures from the party click on the Stalk my Flicker badge in the right hand corner.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Gettin Wild

So tonight is my pal Dee Dee's 40th birthday bash.

Another loser goes over the hill.

But really Dee Dee, excuse me, De Lo, is probably the youngest of us all. Even Meme, who really is the youngest of us all. Yes, I mean acting. Oh yeah, and she looks good too.

Wait, here's a picture. It is from my sister's wedding. Uhm, I mean the event wherein every mother, sister, son, daughter, bride, groom, aunt, uncle, brother, friend was shit faced. De Lo on the left, Ryan (aka, "Moves on Moves") in the middle and Meme on the right.

The fact that Dee Dee is turning 40 is confusing me about my own age. While running the other day I was like: Wow, I am 37. Holy crap, I'm gonna be 40 soon. Then I was like, wait a minute. I think I'm 36. I had to do some math. And yup, I'm 36. Whew, 3 1/2 years is a lot more time than just 3 years to 40. Oh and the guy at the bike shop yesterday was very helpful and the very reason I keep going back to Roswell Bikes. He thought I was 25. Had me show him my ID. I told him I was definitely buying a bike so ass kissing wasn't necessary. Not necessary, but still, a very nice customer service touch. Of course, this was all after he didn't remember me until I reminded him that I was in last week after a run (sans make up and coiffed hair) to get my bike fixed--which he fixed and didn't charge me for. So see, even not looking cute you still get bang up service from them.

Oh, and I know you are going to ask.No, I didn't buy a bike for me. I wish. Santa is bringing Carmella a new bike.

Anyway, back to Dee Dee. Isn't it funny how I somehow, no matter the subject, can always swing it around to being about me? Funny how I am that self absorbed.

So anyway, my friend Kim sent me this youtube video this morning. I think it is very telling of what my evening is going to be like. I am sure we would like to think differently but yeah, this is spot on.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fallen off the blog horse

I just wanted to give a quick post that I am not dead or sick and that everything is okay. I appreciate the concern/pissed off emails about the lack of posting. I promise to post a new post in the next day or two. I've got a lot of them in my head but just not the time of late to put them down here.
Anway, that's all for now . . .