Monday, December 24, 2007

Here Comes Sanatalie . . .


Okay, so I got you all something . ..

For Steph I thought long and shopped hard but in the end the choice was easy: brand spanking new fancy knees. Now, don't go getting all fast and dropping me. I would be so sad if you didn't train with me.

For Doug: Well, duh. Freestyle! bwhahahahaha!

For Wes--my brother in law: a Christmas bike jersey and first place at the Roswell Nally Criterion.

For Wes: A PR at Disney and a smooth road to the Ironman!

For Dee Dee: marathon success at Disney.

For Joe Reger: First place age group in all your triathlons this season.

For Danielle: a subscription to the Journal of Rare and Fatal Diseases. Just kidding. Marathon success at Ga ING and Ironman triumph.

For Bruce: a 3:30 marathon at Boston.

For Charlie: a sub 3 hour marathon at Boston 09! I'll be behind you chasing a 3:15 (assuming I ever get to 3:30;)

For Anne: Triathlon and Peachtree success this summer.

For Jason: Come back success and to see you at more races!

For Mike at the gym: endurance so you can join me for beers at the Park Tavern after the Peachtree.

And for my peeps at the Marietta Big Peach:
Joe: To see you at Ga ING running that 2:20 marathon.

Kate: Sub 2:50 at Ga ING and first GA woman. You'll get it this year. And to kick my ass not only in the run but in the bike and swim at all the tri's this summer.

Steve: Gosh, just some time off so you can run and train so I can kick your ass properly. Wink.

Javi: a PR at Houston.

Karen: a PR at Callaway Gardens.

And to everyone else Pr's and an injury free 2009. Merry Christmas! I appreciate all the support/advice and love that you give me.

Oh yeah, and I am feeling better. 4 miles yesterday and 7 today. Felt wonderful! Getting there.


  1. cute outfit. Will you be wearing that to my house for Christmas dinner? Hope so. Lala

  2. Love the santa outfit! Let me know when those knees will be arriving : )

  3. I love your, uh, tri suit! And my gift rocks! What, is it some sort of coupon code that I turn in at the finish line? Your gift is a bottle of magical antibiotic, many pr's and some grass-growing rain! Merry Christmas Nat... keep up the great blogging!

  4. Thanks for the Disny wish!!! i will need it stupid ITband issues.
    Merry Christmas and you look very Hawt in that Santa Suit!!

  5. Phew! I may have to borrow Steph's knees after spending the week under the bed :-)

    Merry Christmas, Nat!!

  6. Great outfit! Santa must be very happy this year! Thanks for the giftage and I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

  7. Holy crap, you have balls. You look awesome Mrs. Claus.

    Thanks for the xmas wishes - same to you and more! I love you, too. Just wish we lived closer together!

  8. look this is the "diet" i told you about you should really enter the site :) bye enter the site

  9. Thank you for my gift Ms Sanatalie!

    Hope you and your family had/are having a wonderful holiday!

    Here's wishing you a great 2008 so that 2009 will be even better at Boston! ;o)

    Happy New Year!