Friday, December 21, 2007

Still alive but not well

I think I have emphysema. Or maybe it is is syphilis as Danielle suggested since I woke up with a cold sore. Probably pnuemonia. 3 kids in Beau's class have had it recently. In fact one of them I saw at the Doc in box the other day.

I really can't believe I am still sick.

I am little better since starting antibiotics but only marginally so. This is ridiculous. I am never sick for this long--at least with a virus. I am assuming that it is a virus since the antibiotics haven't seemed to help much. Though that inhaler is making me wired and I feel like superwoman after a few puffs. Now I remember why I never use my inhaler. But I am now since breathing is pretty cool.

No allergic reaction but I am not ruling it out since I do feel pretty itchy. Last time I had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic it was after I finished the medicine. And then I had hives for a week despite the antihistamine and steroids. I had these giant palm sized red itchy welts all over my torso and Ryan kept saying "You're fine. It is just a little rash." Sympathy is not something he doles out. Lucky for him that I am not often looking for it. Though a little concern might be nice once in awhile.

Seriously though. Does this thing ever go away? Off to buy some Abreva and stand under the mistletoe to spread the love.


  1. Maybe you have MRSA? It is what is called the "super-bug" because it is resistant to most antibiotics. Former pro-triathlete Peter Reid had it a few years ago and I was watching a documentary about him, it started off like a cold, with congestion and just never went away. His symptoms were not as serious as most people's were because of the amazing shape that he was in. It's something that children have more often than adults, but it is very common in athletes because it's a bacteria that can grow in our clothes. Peter never had any open sores like they say some people might have with it. Check out this article:

    If it isn't that you may want to make sure it isn't The Clap! :)

  2. Look at this article! If left untreated the staph infection can enter the lungs, causing pneumonia, shortness of breath, fever and chills.

    Your doctors probably would have picked up on this already though....

  3. Lord. I think Danielle is trying to do you in :-O Hang in there. There is definitely a nasty virus going around. I've had three in my family with it as well.

  4. Have you tried rest yet?

  5. I'm with anonymous. You need to lay on the couch with hot tea and a blanket.

    Not that I'm following my own prescription, but I am having some tea.

  6. Ditto, ditto on the rest comments. You need to be in bed. Hot soup. Lots of juice. Bad TV. Etc. When you "rest" it's like for one day and "rest" to you means skip a run not really slow down and actually LAY down. I hope you are miraculously well tomorrow. :)

  7. Hope you are better Ms Natalie. I think the suggestions of rest and soup is a great idea! I took 3 whole days off and my cold symptoms were gone...but colds don't hang around me very long anyway.

    Maybe your body needs the rest and doesn't need all training right now...especially the swimming or running around in the rain and cold. Maybe your asthma is contributing to the mix...but rest is always good!

    I'm just blabbing away...well trying to help...but you know your body the best...get well soon Natalie.

    Happy Holidays,