Monday, December 10, 2007

Lady Pants

Lady Pants? Yeah, that's Ryan.
Quiet, unassuming Ryan.

Right. Ryan. My husband.

He's bringing sexy back.

As mentioned in the previous post Ryan and I attended our friend Dee Dee's 40th bash. And yes, as suspected, it was definitely "Bumping in the Burbs." The theme for the party was to wear your favorite animal print and show your wild side.

Originally, Ryan, Pat, Meme and I had thought we'd all dress as animals.
As in lions, tiger and bears.
As in Furry Fandom.
But buying such animal costumes proved quite costly.
Even renting was out of budget.
But most importantly, we chickened out.

Finding an animal print outfit for me wasn't all that difficult. But in the end all the animal print I wore was just my ugly leopard print tights. I think they make my legs look diseased. For the record, I am more of the plain black tights girl and if I do a pattern it would be in the fish net vein or maybe a seam up the black. All tone on tone. You know, in case you were wondering.

Ryan was disappointed that I didn't buy anything "animal" for him. I did look. And you might be surprised to learn that they really don't make men's clothing with animal prints. Nothing. So weird.

On the way to the party Ryan was still was upset about not participating so we stopped at Steinmart. For those unfamiliar with Steinmart it is a verified Mecca for all things animal print. It is also geared towards women in their 50's.

Okay, I don't know this for a fact but everything there looks like something my mother in law and her friends all wear or decorate their house with. I can't include Lala in this because she only wears Old Navy PJ's or workout clothes and decorates her house with things from old churches in Mexico.

Ryan scored a pair of lady pants in a cheetah pattern. Even got a shirt. $31 total. Lucky us for hitting the 14 hour sale.

When we got to Meme and Pat's we discovered that Pat had also shopped at Animal Print Mecca and purchased a zebra robe and fashioned himself ala Brett Micheal's. Awesome. Off we went.
Rolling, in the Expedition. Chandon flowing, JT Rhyming and Lady Pants thumping, bumping, he's bringing sexy back Yeah!. . .
I am so white.
So suburban.
And yet, so pimp. Here are the pictures of the party.

Me right before I do a back flip over Meme's back.Just kidding.

Ryan and Dee Dee in one of many dance offs between them. Apparently at my sister's wedding-- I mean the time when I drank shots of Petron and have gaping holes in my memory-- Lady Pants and Dee Dee busted out some moves to the "latest" JT song. Both had been practicing them at home and showcased them at Pookie's wedding.

I don't think this requires an explanation: Lady Pants and Meme Losers, 6 pack, people who stay way too late etc etc . . take 16. Finally, one shot where Lady Pants is not pulling up my dress to show my under pinnings--under trimmings which he had given me a lecture before leaving the house that I was to keep said underwear under wraps.(I'd show you a picture of me doing the aerial with said underwear not at all under wraps but Ryan specifically said no posting that. For the sake of martial harmony, you know, I obey.)

To see the rest of the pictures from the party click on the Stalk my Flicker badge in the right hand corner.


  1. Those lady pants are fabulous! I must get some for Pop.

  2. So much fun and a great reason to buy new shoes! I love the picture of us on your flickr thing. Where is the movie of Dee dancing????

  3. hey do you guys have any other it always party of 6?

  4. Yes I will have to say the term "six pack" leaves me feeling a little left out unless Dusty and I are supposed to be the carton or something.

  5. Tara but you and Dusty don't always come or hang on until the very end. You shouldn't feel left out. The 6 pack refers to those that are always the last the to leave the party. Don't worry, I still consider you are loser.

    I do have other friends they are just a little better behaved.