Saturday, December 08, 2007

Gettin Wild

So tonight is my pal Dee Dee's 40th birthday bash.

Another loser goes over the hill.

But really Dee Dee, excuse me, De Lo, is probably the youngest of us all. Even Meme, who really is the youngest of us all. Yes, I mean acting. Oh yeah, and she looks good too.

Wait, here's a picture. It is from my sister's wedding. Uhm, I mean the event wherein every mother, sister, son, daughter, bride, groom, aunt, uncle, brother, friend was shit faced. De Lo on the left, Ryan (aka, "Moves on Moves") in the middle and Meme on the right.

The fact that Dee Dee is turning 40 is confusing me about my own age. While running the other day I was like: Wow, I am 37. Holy crap, I'm gonna be 40 soon. Then I was like, wait a minute. I think I'm 36. I had to do some math. And yup, I'm 36. Whew, 3 1/2 years is a lot more time than just 3 years to 40. Oh and the guy at the bike shop yesterday was very helpful and the very reason I keep going back to Roswell Bikes. He thought I was 25. Had me show him my ID. I told him I was definitely buying a bike so ass kissing wasn't necessary. Not necessary, but still, a very nice customer service touch. Of course, this was all after he didn't remember me until I reminded him that I was in last week after a run (sans make up and coiffed hair) to get my bike fixed--which he fixed and didn't charge me for. So see, even not looking cute you still get bang up service from them.

Oh, and I know you are going to ask.No, I didn't buy a bike for me. I wish. Santa is bringing Carmella a new bike.

Anyway, back to Dee Dee. Isn't it funny how I somehow, no matter the subject, can always swing it around to being about me? Funny how I am that self absorbed.

So anyway, my friend Kim sent me this youtube video this morning. I think it is very telling of what my evening is going to be like. I am sure we would like to think differently but yeah, this is spot on.


  1. I have to admit, the video "Bumpin in the Burbs" is hilarious!

    My local bike shop I had to show my i.d. afraid, be VERY afraid. Eventually bought $200 worth of spandex, which my wife refuses to allow me to wear.

  2. Funny! That cheese dip is off the hook! : )