Sunday, August 12, 2007

Not Happy

Edited to add offical results:
Swim: 6:10 (4 in AG)
T1: 2:06
Bike: 42:09 18.5 mph (8 in AG)
T2: 1:27
Run: 23:54 7:43 pace (gross)
8th in AG
39th overall
Offical time: 1:15:45

WARNING: Bratalie bitch-moaning and belly-aching ahead.

Reader discretion-- and sympathy, or gosh, even better, empathy-- advised.

Please forgive me this. I think I need a day or so and a little perspective before I do full write up for the Acworth Women's triathlon. I have my nose a tad out of joint and I know it is dumb and I know I just need to relax and I know I just need look at the big picture. But today I can't.

But to answer your first question: Yes, I had a blast. I did have a ton of fun and the people were awesome, the race very well organized, and I didn't drown or fall off the bike but I let myself down and I am having a hard time getting over it.

I even got to meet fellow ATL bloggers--Wes! His cute little wifey Dee Dee, Andy and even my Ms. Anon commenter.

I know I shouldn't feel all disappointed, but I do! So I need a day or 2 to sit back and find the good points because I am having a hard time getting past my disappointment and I know it is misplaced.

I don't have my official results but here is what glancing at the preliminary results posted after the race said--this is from memory so don't hold me fast and hard to this.

Swim: 6:10 for 400yards.
I am fine with this. The swim was easy and I was frustrated I couldn't go faster. I ended up catching the wave that went ahead of me and I accidentally swam over a few ladies. I am so sorry and I hope everyone knows it wasn't intentional and I wasn't trying to be aggressive. Just trying to swim and go go go.

Transition: No idea. Forgot to look. But I was not fast as I felt it was more important to get it right than forget something. I had already overslept (please note that I have never overslept)that morning so my chi was totally fucked from the get go. There was no running in and out of transition on my part.

The Bike: Right at 42 minutes or just under.
And I was happy with it. The bike was much easier than I expected.

Transition: Again I was slow and trying to be methodical but nonetheless forgot to remove my helmet and was not alerted to that fact til I had left the transition area. I tossed it over the fence after a brief moment of debating whether or not to run back into transition and put it back. Think I made the right call.

Run: So embarrassed. 23 and way too much change (hangs head in mortal shame).

UGH!!!I. Could.Not.Get.It.Together. First mile was ridiculous--8 something. Huh? WTF? I really tried to push it but when I hit the 2 mile mark and Garmin said 15 minutes I knew I wasn't going to meet my goal. Then I lost the signal and had no idea where the finish was and the I was at the finish and it was over. I saw the clock as I crossed and it said 1:25. I was totally heartbroken and then Steph (who, I think, had a phenomenal race) finished and reminded me that we hadn't started until 7:40 so my time was really 1:15. I think I was 38th over all. Steph was 39th (you go you silly sandbagger!)

And I know I shouldn't be upset with that. And I'm not, completely. I am just so pissed about how I fell apart on the run--a freaking 5k!!! I run more than a 5k almost every time I run. I've done bricks after the bike that were 7, 8 miles and run faster than I did today. I just feel like I really put forth the effort in my training--especially for the run--and I expected to perform as such and well, it didn't happen. Obviously, I had too high of expectations of myself.

So yeah. Give me a day or 2 to get happy. Be positive.

Oh, and one more thing: I am not discouraged. At all. Just feeling a bit vindictive. That time? Yeah, it's going down!
Tri tri and tri again. Right?
Aw, see I'm already getting my shawing back.


  1. Nat it was great to meet u guys today!!! You really had me going I was dying on the run as well a lot of up and down hills it was brutle ! I not a fast runner like you gals and I did not do well on the bike today as my hip and knees were killing me for the last 2 weeks and my knee told me so in the first mile of the run!!! Thanks for all your support Wes has some pics of you ans steph both but wants your permission before we post them !!! And if you dont want him to we wont. But the one of the 3 of us is great!!!! Recover and I am seriously thinking about the two bridge triathalon in cumming on the 30th of Sept!!!

  2. Hi Nat!

    Welcome to the club :-) I could tell from the look on your face in the run picture you were smiling, but not happy! But, if your second is anything like my second, you will kick ass, and Steph will too! Congrats! I think you did awesome!!


  3. Congrats! Ms Natalie...the Triathlete!

    You did great...don't be so down on yourself. You did 8 something the first mile so you were under 7 for the second mile...that's a big jump.


  4. You really had a GREAT first race!!

    Don't be bummed about your run-it happens when you are trying to run after biking and swimming for the first time. I was dissapointed in my run too-although because of my leg I've only been running for 2 1/2 months I somehow thought I could bust out a miracle. But you really had a great race!

  5. Oh, I forgot, my write-up of the event's is on my page:

    Results are on

  6. I'm proud of you even if you're not satisfied with your run- next time, maybe if you take a few days before the race to actually rest (that means NOT doing exercise (any kind) you just seem to have the hardest time on the "not doing" thing. YOU DID GREAT!!! Pookie is picking up her dress tonight. when are you going to the seamstress?

  7. Dee Dee: Thanks! the run was hard and I don't know why since I KNOW I run up bigger hills than I saw yesterday. I just checked my pace for the run on the results page:7:43--that's half marathon pace NOT 5k pace for me. So anyway, give yourself a big ole pat on your back. I didn't have pain ('cept heavy claves) and I struggled big time.

    Wes can post pic if he promises to weed out the ones where I look chubby. I was having a fat day yesterday too. Not a day I wanted to be seen running in my bikini to say the least. Hmmm, maybe that was the problem.

    I can't do 2 bridge. Everyone keeps encouraging me to do this but my sister's wedding is the night before. I am already planning to be nursing my hangover. And while doing all three isn't a problem hungover getting up at the crack of dawn is. I do want to do another. Isn't emerald point close by?

  8. Wes thanks and my smile was only because I saw you aiming that camera at me. It is fantastic that you could still read the curse words going on in my head. Poker face I guess I do not own.

  9. Charlie, you know you are my favorite cheerleader. ;)

    I was suprised at how long that first mile took. In training I've been hiting them like this: 7:30 first mile, around 6:25 second mile and then around 6:40-7 for the last 1.1. I just don't get it how I wasn't able to pull it out. However I did run the 5k how I've trained easy, fastest, fast--just slower than I usually do. At any rate I think 7:43 pace is ridiculous since I have run that pace in half marathons with bigger hills. KWIM. Sigh. I just need to let it go.

  10. Danielle! It was so nice meeting you yesterday. BTW, you looked great after the race. No where near as bedraggled as I did.
    I read your write up and you had a fantastic race --especially considering your leg. I am totally jealous of your biking excellence. I appreciate all your prerace advice.

  11. Thanks, Mom.
    I did rest from exercise on Saturday. Though I did clean the house and it was totally in vain as it was still trashed when I got back from the race. Sigh. I feel like Sisyphus.

    Kristen just called me on Friday. I will make arrangements to go soon. Chill.

  12. Hey Nat- I also want to tell you something I was told after my first tri- The results of the run are most likely more a reflection on your bike leg than your running abilities. You have only been riding your bike for the past few months, so even though you are physcially able to hammer out a fast bike leg, the lack of fitness on the bike is reflected in your running times- it is the exact same thing that happened to me! I would say more time in the saddle (and if possible the real saddle once the weather is bearable in ATL) may help you see the results you want!

  13. You did great!!!

    Congrats! And it was great meeting another fellow local blogger. You looked really solid on the run and on the bike. The swim was hella good as well. Keep up the good work. Everyone gets beat up, or beats someone up during the swim in their career. That was my first race I have ever spectated in and I had a really good time.


  14. Sarah--Thanks and I appreciate that. It makes me feel better. You know, it didn't feel like I had blown my legs on the bike but maybe I did. Anytime I felt a burn in my quads on the bike I backed off but with all those endorphins and adrenaline going I probably thought I did but didn't. I did go harder yesterday on the bike than I probably would have in a training brick as I do try to save myself to the run.

    And you are totally right that I need more time in the saddle. I am strating to miss my bike when I am not running. I heart Lance.

  15. Andy it was so nice to meet you and it was great of you to come cheer on the ladies. I love the support that I have seen in the triathlon community. Everyone is so friendly, helpful and kind.

  16. 1:15 at your FIRST race?! Excellent! Nothing like the real thing though to challenge your expectations.
    That T2, bike to run, can be a real bitch. And nothing like just a wee bit of disappointment to get your fires stoked for next time...


  17. Nat emerald point is at Lake Lanier !!! So that is close bye!! Just a short 1 and 15 minute ride there !!!! And I promise we will email the pics to you first!!!

  18. I think you had a great race, that run was brutal!

    I think the biker gurus could be right, that maybe you blew it out on the bike. Or, maybe a gu or two plus some sports drink would have helped - I know that helped me.

    Doug is already thinking about the two bridges race. . . hangover schmangover!

  19. Congrats on finishing your first Tri! Gosh Nat, your first Tri should be a LEARNING experience, yet you gave 100% and pushed yourself very hard...what a fire you have inside yourself!! You're going to clobber your next Tri!

  20. Jason thanks. Yes, properly pissed and ready to get it ready next time. I don't think I was aggressive enough. Next time? I'll kick ass.

    Dee Dee--Lake Lanier is doable. Is there any Oly's in early Oct. I think I would rather do an Oly. The endurance aspect might fit in better with marathon training. P

    Steph I do think I needed to hydrate better. I think those chills I was having (like I did at ING--but not as bad) were probably due to an electrolyte balance since I didn't really have any yesterday or at ING--that might be the key. I usually do some gatorade a the longer races. IDK. There is always next time to get it right.
    I have a picture of you that Ryan took at the end and you look so figgin cute. Your arms are thrown way up and you look so happy. I wish there was a pic of me like that but I was so mad in the run that I just doubt that there is. The only one Ryan took of me I looked way pissed off. And, I was.

    Bruce! Thank you and you are correct in that I need to look at this as a learning experience. And I do think I did fantastic in the other areas. It is wrong that I am letting a bad run ruin what was by all other regards a fabulous race.

  21. Nat, do not beat yourself up. You are way too hard on yourself. Like others said, treat it as a learning experience, and move on. You will kick butt on the next one.

    And seriously, if you ask a lot of other triathletes how they placed in their first tris, i bet you placed as high or higher.

    I am so proud of you and Steph for doing this!

  22. dogwood girl is right-- you placed WAY higher than i did on my first tri! (WAY!! higher)

    Hopefully all of this just fuels you into a next race, to prove you can do even better. Thanks so much for a great race report--

  23. Anne and Leenie--thanks guys. I am perfectly happy with how I placed. But I just know if I had had the run I should have had I would have placed higher. But nonetheless I am not ashamed of my overall time. As my SIL pointed out, I did exceed my goals for this race--just not in the run. I should know you don't get everything you want. Besides if my first race was perfect I think I would disappointed with every race after it.

  24. Uhm, Yeah, PS Anne,
    Where the hell have you been? Your blog is a ghost town.
    Everything okay?
    Off to Dogwood town to see if there is anyone hanging at the saloon. xxoo

  25. PS. Welcome Leenie. Thanks for coming out of lurkdom. I lurked at your blog the other day. [Internet handshake] Nice to meet you.