Monday, August 20, 2007

Let's Talk About Sex

Baby! Let's talk about you and me.

Let's talk about it. . .

Just kidding, let's talk about food instead. Let's talk about all the good things to eat at a wedding.


I just think you cyberends (Internet friends) were so super to help Lala pick her dress and I thought that maybe you wouldn't mind being of assistance with the wedding menu too. Lala is meeting with the caterer this week and I think it would great for her to hear what are some of your favorite wedding eats.

Here, in case it helps, are the details of the upcoming soiree: the wedding is at 7:30 pm in-- as Rae recently coined--the Wedding Meadow (aka The Goat Memorial Garden's, aka, Lala and Pop's front lawn) and then the reception is immediately following at Lala and Pop's. There will be about 150+/- people and it will be a buffet. Reception is inside the house and on the front and rear terraces. There will be tents in case of inclement weather. Lots and lots of candles.

Okay, now that you have the details in mind tell us first what you like to see being passed around on trays while you enjoy cocktails and socialize on the terrace--maybe dance a little. We have discussed low country shrimp, crab cakes and spanakopita.


What about the buffet? Pastas? Carving station? We are leaning towards a honey glazed pork loin but other options are turkey or a beef tenderloin. Your thoughts on meat on a stick? What about salmon. Veggie suggestions? Cheese, olive and bread tray? Fruit?

Com'on! Let's hear it. I know that unlike ladies dresses food is something everyone has an opinion on.


  1. Hmmmm. I personally go for wings and beer, but I don't think Lala would appreciate that at her wedding dinner. I can't even remember what we had at our wedding. Much like the dresses, I am of little help :-)

  2. actually Wes - the wings and beer would probably be a huge hit (especially with Pop, and most likely the groom, although his main request is that we have a full bar, which he'll need as he is taking on the Pookie) Dee Dee I bet you've got some good ideas, I thought you all were foodies. Seems like I remember hearing something about a restaurant in your lives. Lala

  3. wings and beer. Well that will certainly keep the costs down. Wait, don't you own a resturant? Seriously, all you've got for me is wings and beer?

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  5. I do think the wings and beer will go great with that Cotton Eye Joe number we're planning.

    In fact, if you do go the wings and beer route I think you should call the florist and cancel the flowers. I think haystacks would be very romantic. I'm sure that kudzu would make a lovely bouquet. Who needs Calla lilies? Kudzu and golden rod! Oo, and some of that indian corn-- you know, for color. Yeah forget the kudzu we'll just carry the corn. We could roast it later over all the candles and have popcorn too.

  6. Everyone likes shrimp (except Doug and me) so that is always a hit. But, make sure it is peeled if you are passing it around. How about shrimps wrapped in bacon?

    The deviled eggs were a hit at our reception, we thought, until we heard later how my cousin tipped the platter over and spilled them onto the floor.

    I'd go with whatever Pookie and groom like that is easy to eat standing up. Pork or beef are good, but beef might stay juicy longer at a carving station.

  7. Mmmmmm. BBQ bacon wrapped shwimps. Now those are good... Dee Dee might be some help. I'll send her over...

  8. Please have some shrimp without bacon, so those of us that don't eat pork (or red meat) will have something to eat.

  9. Hey Guys so I use to work at a country club and weddings were our specialty. So here are some suggestions a carving station with a choice of two meat suggestions There is a great cut of beef called a steamship serves bout 50 -60 people and a turkey ? Also we did passed hourderves like monte cristos its like a small warm sandwich wrapped in filo dough with ham and swiss, we did the peeled shrimp thing to large jumbo ones on trays with ice under them with cocktail sauce in the center. Also we did alot of potsticker food as well like chicken on a stick tempura battered chicken tenders. Tossed salad such as Ceasar or antipasto salad are nice to go with the cheese and crackers on a table. We simply decorated the table with fresh assorted colored grapes to dress it up and go in between.Then you know that theres always a strawberry tree, strawberrys dipped in chocolate on a tree form always looks nice by the wedding cakes . And are delicious to eat. We had a couple of hot hourderves at our wedding mushrooms stuffed with crab meat was one of them.
    Just plan on whether you want something sit down less formal or just a nice buffet with just plain finger foods which are fine .

  10. Wow DeeDee! I like your suggestions! I talked to Linda (caterer) last night before I read your comments-I going to run that strawberry tree thing by her. Here's what we've talked about so far: passing mini crab cakes , Spanakopita and gorganzola stuffed celery with topped w/walnuts. Meats: Bourbon and peach glazed pork tenderloin, and baked lemon salmon. Also Low Country Shrimp, Chicken kabobs w/pineapple and peppers, pasta primavera, grits in martini glasses w/shrimp, bacon & grn onions.roasted asparagus w/raspberry sauce. Bread station w/various toppings. Does this sound good to ya'll? alll buffet with available tables here and there on the front terrace. Full bar - flamenco guitar for ceremony and cocktails followed by DJ. Is this enough? too much? Lala

  11. I vote for some type of pasta, the salmon, and the crab cakes sound yummy as do the grits! I am all about the cake though and am easy to please!

  12. It's all good by me...I'm hungry...when do we eat?

  13. All of your menu items sound lovely!! Your cater is doing a great job ! Have fun and glad to help ! PS dont stress lala!

  14. Everybody elses suggestions would definitely beat my ideas of Gatorade, Sport Beans, and GU!