Thursday, August 09, 2007

On Getting Phat (or is it just fat?)


I so hate the taper.

I feel all squirrelly and out of sorts and I worry that this decrease in exercise is going to make me balloon to unseemly proportions.

Really I should be welcoming the opportunity to allow my body to recover a little and build itself up considering the continual abuse I put it through but I don't. At all. I hate it.

And instead I worry that I am getting fat; fatter by the second and it is all I can do to keep myself away from the gym, truncate my workouts, or at least lower the intensity.

And while I am sitting idly by, watching my waist get wider, my skin look thicker, I am also astounded that with this lack of exercise comes all this time. Really, I don't know why I am surprised about that because it seems obvious enough but I am honestly surprised by all the time I have when I am not working out.

Now, you'd think I would put all that time to good use--like catch up on laundry, organize my closet, or clean out the kitchen cabinets-- but I don't. Instead I sit around eating and fretting over getting fat and wishing my race was here so I can hurry up and start training for my next goal.

I am such an idiot.

So here is how my taper is going this week:
Sunday: I had planned to run at least 6 maybe 10 miles but I got outside for my 2 mile warm up jog with Lola and it was so muggy and already 88 degrees so my 2 mile warm up because my run. So 2 miles. Then I did my 10 minute open water swim in the creepy lake.

Monday: 25 miles on the bike at around a 17-18mph pace.

Tuesday: This kicked ass: 8.2 miles on the treadmill in an hour. But what I most proud of is the 7 miles that came in at 49 minutes and 48 seconds. You can see that it doesn't take much for me to impress myself. I'm easy like that--a slut for myself, a sure thing.

Wednesday: Again with the treadmill: a 5k in 21:51 and then jogged it out to the 5 mile in under 40 minutes. Walked another 5 minutes just to cool down. I was not impressed with myself but just happy that I got it done as it took a little convincing my legs that they could run. I guess I impressed myself too much the day before. I guess that is what you call . . . well, never mind. Not polite. Let's just say I was little worried that I had wasted myself with my little run on Tuesday.

So I have brick (bike/run) planned today, and I want to get in this week another 4-5 mile run (this time easy) and a mile swim. I plan to do nothing on Saturday.

So my totals for this week should be something like 20 miles for the run, 45 for the bike and a mile or so for the swim. That is okay for a taper I think.

What's next?
Cranking up the miles.
Yeah baby! Marathon training officially starts next week. . .


  1. LOL. That's not tapering :-) Hey, I have a check list of things to take to the tri. If you want it, email me and I'll send it to you (in PDF format).

    Sorry I can't make it to the ride this evening. I swam 3500 meters this morning and the boyz both have soccer practice at different parks this evening. Have fun!!

  2. Wow, Nat, you're a machine!!! Finish your triathlon, and jump right into marathon training? You rock!!
    Don't worry-taper is only temporary!

  3. Hey Natalie,

    You are doing great!

    With your strong swimming and running capabilities, you could almost coast on your bike and you would still rock that triathlon!

    Have fun with it...don't think too much into it...just do what you have trained for.


  4. Nat- read what the idiot HOA are doing to Pam and Justin! How amazingly unkind and shallow these people must be-oh and also they probably don't have a creative bone in their bodies if all they want to do is ride down their street and make sure everybody's window trim and door trim or whatever match! This just makes me so mad!