Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Powder Room

This post is for Harriett. She is Lala's sister. She wants to see the recent renovation that Lala did to the powder room. Harriett lives in Texas and therefore can't just come over and see powder room for herself. And of course she and Lala are so technologically unsavvy that me posting pictures on my blog is easier than tutoring them both in downloading, uploading, attaching and emailing photos.

Little background for those not in the know:

My parents have been doing lots of renovations to their house. Pretty much since they had the house built in 1984.

There is always some renovation going on in the house but in the past few months there have been more than usual because my sister is getting married--like I did--in the Goat Memorial Gardens and the reception is in my parents' house.

Goat Memorial Gardens?

They are called the Goat Memorial Gardens because there was a goat massacre in 1998 and all the goats --except Vincent Van Goat (He only had one ear as a result of an incident with a dog)--were slaughtered by unleashed dogs (people, leash your dogs). And since then my parents have no longer owned goats and turned the front field into a garden. I got married there and in September, so will Pookie.

Questions? Everyone brought up to speed?

Okay, so current renovations have included but are not limited to:
The new paint and molding on the outside of house (completed).
Stone front patio (completed).
The interior venetian plastered (in progress).
New molding in the interior (pretty much complete, not painted)
Enclosing the catwalk (completed but not painted.)
Tiling the staircase. Okay, really, rebuilding the staircase (incomplete).
Painting various up stair rooms (incomplete).
Redoing one of the upstairs bathrooms and the downstairs powder room (both complete).

So, here, for you dear Auntie, are the powder room pictures
What is hard to see in these pictures in the finish on the wall. There is real silver leaf. It actually looks brownish in these photos but it is silvery grey in real life. It is very pretty. Lala did it herself.

Pop did the plumbing.
And put in the floor.

And the crown molding.

Lala did all the decorating and picking stuff out.

If they get the stairs done I will post pictures of that too.

Clocks a ticking guys. September is closing in . . .Dum dum da dum, dum dum da dum, dum dum da dum, dum dum da dum dum . . .


  1. Thanks Nat-Since Harriet can't come to the wedding it would be nice if you could send updates to her-I really appreciate it.

    Love lala

  2. LaLa,
    It looks beautiful!!!! Your house always looks great, I can't wait to see what else you have done.

    Nat-You want to post my Satee?....:)

  3. You have new Satee???
    Sure, email it to me and I'll post it. My running, triing, parenting blog surely has room for decorating and home renovation.

  4. That a lovely house!

    A couple of things for you Nat:

    1. You are doing a sprint distance. You can go out 100% from the start and keep enough gas in the tank to finish all events just fine.

    2. You are an incredible athlete. You are in such good shape, I can't imagine you having any problems with the distances.

    3. You have gone long many times. You know what it takes to get it through to the end.

    You, Steph, and Dee Dee are going to be awesome. Can't wait to be the "official" race photographer for a change :-)

  5. What on earth is a Satee? lala

  6. Lovely potty room! Lala would you like to redo my bathrooms?