Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dear Asshole in the shiny red truck,

I am fairly certain the make was a Dodge. Your license plate started 880 and I'm not certain of the rest but I think it was XLD. You have a Cherokee tag. You are a white overweight man in your 50's or 60's.

I saw what you did to those two cyclists on Trickum Rd today. Your were absolutely breaking the law and had I had my wits about me I would have called the police and reported you. You, at the very least, would have been charged with a misdemeanor but possibly a felony for using your vehicle with the intent to murder. I think that is what is called aggravated assault.

Because what else could have been your intent when you raced up on the those cyclists--one in a bright blue jersey and the other in a yellow jersey that said ACDC? They were both cruising along at fast clip--probably 25mph and the speed limit there is only 35 but I can tell that you didn't care about that since you were obviously in a hurry--as that can be the only reason I can figure out to why you were not only speeding but driving so aggressively. I mean, the cyclists were within their rights and were obeying the traffic laws: they were on the right side of the road-- I'll concede, possibly a little to the middle but the road there is uneven and it is their right to ride to the middle when the road presents a hazard for them. So for you to gun it and swerve as if to hit them and then cut quickly in front of them, well, I just don't think your intent was anything less than to cause them to wreck. Very lucky for you they didn't since not only was I a witness but so were the other 2 cars in front of me.

And I personally think you should consider yourself very lucky that when you got stopped at the light--which I am sure pissed you off even more-- and the two cyclists caught up to you that they only gave you a "talking to".

I could see, from where I sat in the left turning lane, that they just wanted to educate you on the State of GA's traffic laws-- as it was quite apparent from your behavior that you have no idea what they are. And while I couldn't quite hear what your response was, I can guess it was that you didn't give a rat's ass what the law is since the cyclist, in response to whatever you said (and I know it wasn't nice since I saw finger pointing on your part), yelled "It is the law!" And then threw water all over your pretty leather seats (to which, admittedly, I chuckled at).

But honestly, you know, what I think they should have done was pulled your ignoramus ass out of your shiny red truck and splayed you out across Hwy 92 to see if you liked playing chicken with cars.

So in case you have any confusion Mr.Ignorant and ill-informed driver here is a little pamphlet you might want to read. It has all these laws in it and the most important one you need to note is that cyclists have all the rights to the road as a car does.

Signed the girl in the car 2 back from you who saw the whole thing. This is your warning. Bastard.


  1. I'm so sorry for those bike guys. Drivers are not just rude but scary these days.

  2. I wish you had called the police. With you and the future member of our family being a very serious cyclist we need to get these arrogant, rude, and often red necked types informed of the consequences of their actions. I hope they gave him something to think about. Next time he'll hopefully refrain from trying to kill people.

  3. Ugh! Burns me up. Seriously man. As a new cyclist, I am already terrified to get out on the road with all of the stories I hear about. And I'm gonna have to, because Silver Comet doesn't cut it when I'm considering some really hilly courses. And there's not much you can do as a cyclist other than try to be as safe as possible.

    Thanks for that post. I hope as many people as possible read it. It just sucks that it happens out there!

  4. That's one of the reasons I hate riding in the streets! It was a drunk idiot that hit me-but supposedly didn't see me. Yeah right-there were only 2000 people in PCB for an IM. Whatever dude!

  5. YOU GO GURL FRIEND!! In Las Vegas when you cycle you must carry i.d. and your Last Will & Testament.