Friday, August 31, 2007

I've been playing a game.

It is called "Let's Pretend."

Carmella and Beau play this all the time. They are so good at it that I am often confused by what is pretend and what is real.

Okay not really, but let's pretend. . .

It doesn't matter whether they are pretending fairy tales, superhero vs, evil villain or even that they are fish in a pond waiting to be fed-- they totally go at the imaginary world with gusto and completely adopt the pretend personas. There have even been the times where I had to pretend that they were my pets and I had to feed them their lunches on the kitchen floor. I go along with it here and there.

So inspired by their make believe prowess I thought I could mesh it with a little positive thinking and one part denial and pretend that I was person who doesn't have a cold. Unfortunately no amount of pretending has helped and I am just going to admit it right here that I have a cold. I've had it for over a week. It is not, like I first thought, a result of running outside on all those code red days, nor is it my fall allergies because who are we kidding? Fall? I don't think that is every going to happen here. So I have a virus(hangs head now in mortal shame). I am weak. My immune system failed me and I caught a cold. No, not from the kids or any known source. And now I have infected the whole house. It is the pretend cold that is never going to go away. I can't even make believe it away.

Actually, today I am better. But it doesn't matter since now Carmella has the pretend cold. Unfortunately hers is worse. She has a fever and a hideous sounding hack. She said she didn't want to go to school today because she was embarrassed of her voice. So she is home and that means no 17 miler for me today.

When Beau had my pretend cold earlier this week he liked showing off his froggy voice and since he didn't have fever he got to go to school. His teachers have praised him all week as to how well behaved he has been and marveled that "he took a nap 3 days in a row!" Well, that streak was broken yesterday when I sent him sans the cough syrup since he seems to have kicked that fake cold to the curb. And yesterday Beau got put in time out twice and did not take a nap and he did not get a reward at the end of the day. But see this of little consequence to Beau because he almost never gets a treat and the fact that he got one 3 days in a row will probably keep him from caring for at least a month that he doesn't get one. I honestly think for Beau the thrill of being naughty is sweeter than candy.

My pretend cold though is still hanging out behind my right eye. In the morning when I wake up my eye is oozy but clears up and the rest of the day I just have the sinus headache from hell. It is like a cloud. It makes me dizzy and my thoughts are slow. At least, the chest congestion is gone and my ears are no longer clogged. I've hated how all week I've felt like I was underwater, sounds muted and garbled. Did you say something? Help me! I 'm stuck in my head! But mostly I just hate this pretend cold and have begun to think maybe it isn't a cold at all but is really cancer or maybe even West Nile. I hear lots of birds have it. Mosquitoes carry it. And me? Well let's just say if I'm around there is no need for anyone wear repellent. The mosquitoes love me and me alone.

My point? Oh, yeah. I have a point! And it is that I'm pissed off because my workouts have-- yet again-- sucked this week. That's all. I really didn't have anything spectacular to say other than that. Not that I am making excuses mind you but sigh, I know I am making excuses. But when I look back next year I will know that it wasn't just laziness but a dumb old cold that had me slacking this week.

Sunday: Rest day. Lake day.

Monday: 5+ miles-- Garmin went out on me but I know it was less than 6, more than 5. Crappy run though. Pounding headache. In the afternoon I went to the gym to swim. I didn't expect much since I thought it would be a snotty choking mess but I surprised myself. I did a 400m warm up and then timed a 400m. It came in a 6 minutes 12 seconds. I rested 30 seconds and did another 400m. I was surprised that it too came in at 6 minutes and 12 seconds. I find that when I swim anything longer than a 100 I have very hard time staying focused. I try to stay with it but my mind wanders and my stroke becomes less efficient (I think but maybe not). I feel like I could be faster if I could just keep my head into it. I cooled down with an easy 400m.

Tuesday: I had some work to do and just felt really crappy so I bagged the run. I did vacuum the whole house with the shop vac to rid us, albeit temporarily, of Lola's hair. I do this at least once every week to keep from killing my regular vacuum. I am thinking I should start counting it has a workout out since it kills my back and completely exhausts me. Not kidding. I am dripping in sweat after I get done dragging that shop vac all over the house and being half bent over sucking hair off the floor and all the furniture. Heck, sometimes I even vacuum Lola. Next year puppy girl is getting shaved. Either that or we need to think of something we can make from all this hair. I might be less annoyed about it if it was generating an income not just an inconvenience.

Wednesday: I don't' know what was wrong with me. I got all optimistic about my rest day and the predicted low 80 temps. I mapped out a 22 miler. It was from my house out to Roswell and back. Lala's house was my 11 mile pit stop. I felt great til I hit Mabry Rd and I just should have known better. That road kills me. It is an extreme long downhill and then an extreme long uphill. It was miles 7 and 8. My headache came back and I just couldn't shake it. I ran past Lala's thinking I would rebound and would just make the run 18 or so. I had to turn back to her house and ended up asking her drive me home. The run did end up being 14 miles at a 9:23 pace so terrible pace but I am glad I got some of the miles in. I felt so tired and my head was pounding. I felt sick the rest of the day and even took some Motrin in addition to the decongestant. I think I was in bed before 9 pm that night.

I woke up feeling pretty good and decided that I would do an easy run and plan on a long run on Friday. I ran 5 easy miles in under 40 minutes. After I finished my headache was back but lesser than the day before.

Friday: So far no run. I am hoping maybe later I can get in at least 6 but hopefully 10. I am hoping the same for Saturday too. Not looking good though.


  1. Pookie also has the pretend cold with the addition of a pretend cold sore. She has fever and sounds horrible. I cannot get the pretend cold or there will only be a pretend wedding at my house-oh wait, I forgot, pookie and Wes are already having a pretend minister marry them so this may work out fine after all. I can just get the pretend cold and pretend I can still get this place ready for the pretend wedding-shoot, maybe I'll just pretend it's still June and there's loads of time left.

  2. Wow! I take it you know anonymous? She's been all over everybody's blog. What's her name ;-)

    Sorry you are feeling ill! Then again, leave it to you to go out on a 22 miler not fully recovered! LOL. I haven't been sick in three years, knock on wood. Every since I started this acid reflux crap either the acid kills all bugs, or there's a warning: toxic wasteland sign in my throat and they all go someplace else.

    Hope you are 100% soon. Nice swim too by the way...

  3. I like your Mom! ;o)

    Ms Natalie...pretend you are taking it easy until you are can only do you good.

    Lots of fluids, chicken soup...and..REST!

    Here's hoping you a speedy recovery.