Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I am tired this week. My workouts have been sucking. Not sure what is up. I mean I think they have been sucking but it could just be a case of me expecting too much and me thinking I am better, faster, stronger etc than I really am.
It is probably that.
I am sure that is what it is.

Sunday was understandable. I had a touch of the flu. Too much Chandon will do that to a person. Sunday morning I hit the road with Lance for the first time in awhile. After being a mouse on the wheel it was nice to be out on the open road. I rode down by the river and into Martin's Landing for an hour.

Cranked out 16 miles and was disappointed that it wasn't faster. But I will say riding a bike with a touch of the flu is much easier than running with a touch of the flu. I'm just glad I got some workout in even it was less than stellar.

Monday wasn't my fault completely. Lala was watching the wild things while I did 7 mile loop. They stopped me at 4 miles and convinced me lunch at Booby G's was better than running the last 3 miles of my loop. So I met them at Booby G's for a salad.

I considered finishing my run after my salad and while I figured I would be fine I figured that misery would be my companion since it was midday, 88 degrees and humid as a hairy armpit. Vomiting was a distinct possibility. So I told myself gym in the afternoon. Unfortunately that never happened.

Side note on Bobby G's: Beau loves Bobby G's, as does Lala and they always want to go there. Lala goes for the hot dogs. Beau likes the hot dogs too but really it is the tattoo machine that is the big draw for him.

Yesterday I ran 11 miles but it was a lazy 11 miles. The first 8 or so were fine but then after that the walking began. I'm not sure what is going on but I think it is dehydration. I've been doing a lot of these 10/11 mile runs every week since; one, I don't have the time to run any longer than that and two, the stamina to want to run in the 85+ heat just isn't there.

Every one of those 10+ milers the last mile or 2 has been pretty awful. It would seem that 8 miles is my limit without water but in my mind it seems pointless to stop and get water when I only have a few miles to go. I know I could stash but then that takes planning and time away from running. I also am not going to carry water for a run. Stubborn, stupid--I know.

Since I haven't swam yet this week I headed to the gym in the afternoon. This also proved a bust. I forgot it was Tuesday. Which means there is aquafit at 6 pm. My plan had been 45 minutes bike and then 30 minute swim. But since there was the class I had to do the swim first. This isn't a big deal it just wasn't the "plan" and I also don't like to be on the bike wet at the gym. Just feels creepy.

I changed and got in the pool. The swim started out fine with a 400 warm up and then I decided to do the 10 x 100 meter workout in 2 minute intervals. I blew it all in the first 100 meters with that one coming in a under a minute 20. I will say it felt amazing and powerful. I rested the 40+ seconds and then went for another. The second came in at just over a minute 20. Good too but I was done. I wasn't fully recovered for the 3rd 100 when the 2 minute mark came around. That one came in at a minute 30. The 4th 100 I started late as I couldn't catch my breath but it still came in at a minute 30. I decided that was enough 100's and decided to just finish up with a steady swim. After 400 meters I was done.

I changed and went upstairs to do the bike. I made it 4 miles on the bike (level 12, random) for a total of 12 minutes. Went back downstairs, stretched and left. Just feels like the whole gym was a waste.

This morning I have to take Beau for his checkup-- so no am workout. I am hoping I can get it together for a 10k on the treadmill and half hour swim this afternoon. I feel like a slug. I know my workouts haven't been lazy but I am not powering through them as I usually do or I think should be at this point. And that is what is bugging me.


  1. Hey Ms Natalie,

    We all go through the I like to call it! You're just getting over your flu...give yourself a day off...relax...regroup...recharge.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. Hey Charlie! How are you?!

    Day off??? I can't take a day off! If I take a day off then something will happen and someone will get sick, or I'll get sick or something will happen that keeps me from workouting and then that one day off turns into several days off and then I am a verified couch potato--all fitness gains lost.
    I only like to take one day a week or every 10 days or so. But I am happier if I get to do some exercise everyday. I think I am over my flu--ridiculous how being older makes it take so long. Actually, I was thinking maybe I was fighting a virus. My throat was feeling a little scratchy Mon/Tu/Wed and it is gone now.Who knows. I had a good workout last night. So hopefully all is better now.
    Gosh, book. Off to post new.

  3. Maybe it is just time for the taper to begin? I'm sucking this week also.