Thursday, February 09, 2006

On Being Four

This is Carmella's last day of being 4. Tomorrow she will be, sob, five. As far as kids ages and stages go I have adored the four year old. Three was good too but not AS good. And two, well I think we all know where I stand on two year olds--their survival is contigent on their cutness. And one and under is fun but whew, what a ride.

I have LOVED four. It is the best. Four year olds say funny things and have all sorts of advice. They can be surprisingly pragmatic. My favorite Carmellaisms are the ones that start with "Mommy, sometimes kids . . ." For example; "Mommy, sometimes kids eat too many snacks and have to go to the bathroom. I think tomorrow I will not eat so many snacks." And then there is the parenting advice: "Mommy, he is just two. You know that two year olds can't control themselves. Here, let me talk to him for you. You go take a minute."

She is so yummy and sweet and I am afraid five will turn her.

What if five is the new two?

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  1. No way. Five cannot be the new two - it's just not allowed. I think Carmella will be adorable regardless of her age (until puberty, and then all bets are off) because that is her nature.