Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Carmella's Remodeling Plans

Carmella has all the solutions.

She is desperately waiting for Beau to finish his lunch so she can have her treat. Beau is having trouble sitting in his chair and staying on task. He keeps running out of the kitchen to throw all the pillows off the couch. At this point I don't care --there is no treat for me in it either way.

Carmella is getting very impatient with him. She tells me we should put doors in the kitchen. We have an open flow floor plan that usually the children favor. They like to chase each other in circles around the first floor of our house screaming and laughing as loudly as possible. It isn't just my kids that do this. All kids that come over do it. It is as if upon entering my house instinct takes over and they will immediately begin chasing each other around and around, narrowly missing the furniture, counter and wall corners until their parents can stand it no longer and put them in a time out.

Today, Carmella has figured out the downside of this floor plan. But her solution is a good one. She leads me into the kitchen and shows me how we could put double doors at each opening with locks and a little window. That way we can lock Beau in the kitchen but still watch him to make sure he is still eating and not making a mess.

While on the topic of remodeling she says we really need to fence in the backyard so Beau will quit running into the neighbor's yard and that way they can play outside without me. Actually, this one is my idea but she is telling it to me as if I never thought of the reason why we need a fence. Like I only wanted it for aesthetics.

She then tells me that we can get all the stuff we need for the kitchen project and the fence at Home Depot. I am so proud. For those not in the know, my family has been long-time members at the Church of Home Depot. I am pleased that I have passed on my religious values to my daughter.

I ask her how she came up with all this and she shrugs and tells me she was up thinking about it all last night.

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