Friday, March 24, 2006

Dardella is at Bubbles' House

Dardella is Carmella. Beau, with all his speech problems, still manages to get all the syallbles in.

Beau has told me no less than 5,000 times this morning that Dardella is at Bubbles' house. He will tell me this and then ask me, genuinely perplexed, "Where is Dardella?"

Is he asking to make sure I am paying attention?

Or, perhaps there is something else he wants to discuss about Carmella being at Bubbles house. Like maybe why he is here and she is there; but he just can't quite wrap his 2 year old mind around that complex notion to actually have a conversation about it.

So, instead, we just keep talking about and affirming that Dardella is at Bubbles' house and Beau is at Mommy's house. To. No. End. Do we dicuss. This disscusion is verging on 3 hours.

Poor little guy is smart enough to realize something is amiss in this situation but just can't quite put his pudgy little finger on what that exactly is.

Sometimes he is just so cute it breaks my heart.

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