Friday, March 31, 2006


This is Chase.

Chase is the son of my best friend Tara and her husband Dusty.

Tara and I have been friends since high school. We became friends because Kim wouldn't take Tara to school anymore because she was moving. Kim moved next door to me and I thought this is ridiculous; Tara only lives a few miles from us. But Kimmie has always valued her sleep: sleep, however, has just never been that important to me. So I took Tara to school everyday. I felt bad for those who didn't have cars. I had a Jeep and I played my music very loudly. Tara's mom told me if I didn't turn it down I wouldn't be allowed to drive Tara to school anymore. I've never been much of a rebel so of course I complied.
Carmella and Beau fight over whose friend Chase is. The both claim him. Technically, Carmella did know him first since I was still pregnant with Beau when Chase was born. Chase and Carmella bonded for four whole months before Beau came around.

"My Chase," Beau will say and Carmella will get her feelings hurt.

"He is my friend too! Mommy, tell Beau Chase is my friend too!" She will demand on the brink of tears.

Siblings; they will fight over anything.

All said the kids really play well together. Well, Beau does sometimes get the short end of the stick:

"Beau why are you crying?"
"Chase. Owe and. Me."
"Carmella did Chase throw sand on Beau?"
"Yes, just a little. It was funny."

Beau got her back though:

I like how they play together. Sure the boys sometimes nearly kill each other but Carmella is there to organize a game of hide and seek.

Or lead them on a bike parade in the cul du sac:
Or the oldie but goodie: boys chase the girl.

At 2, 3, 5 or almost 35 a good friend is a great thing to have.