Sunday, March 05, 2006

Low Maintenance Vanity

I must look hideous all the time. It is the only thing I can think. People are starting to reach out to me. I get the feeling that there is an intervention in the works. I just know one of these days I am going to come home from a run to find my living room filled with friends, family and aquaintences weilding makeup, tweezers and a hair brush.

Next week I have 2 invitations to attend cosmetic parties for 2 different cosmetic companies. I have even had an invitation to become a cosmetic sales lady--I am sure though employment would be contingent on my cleaning myself up and start looking presentable again.

This is what I get for never wearing make-up and not brushing my hair when I drop the kids off at their school. I'm going running so I figure what is the point. I sweat so much that my hair turns to dreads and any make-up I wore would just slide off my face anyway. Who do I have to impress there? A bunch of other moms? None are on my list of hotties I'd like to do. I will admit that sometimes I do shower if I am going to be wearing shorts. I find stubble truly detestable and would never want another person to suspect that I might actually have hair anywhere on body other than my head.

I have commited myself to one of these parties mostly to maintain good relations with the mother of one of Carmella's friends but the other I have a legit excuse not to attend. Tuesday morning my mom and I have plans to do theRide to the Capitol 2006. For those uninformed this is a roundtrip 50 mile bike ride. I have actually run further than I have ever biked so this should prove intresting--if not down right painful. My ass is aching just thinking about it. However, Lala being Lala there is a high probablity of her flaking out and us not doing the ride.

At any rate, even if I don't do the bike ride, I do have a standing long run scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday so I certainly can't go to any make-up parties. And so yes, again, I will show up at my children's school on Tuesday to register Beau for next year with wild hair and a naked face. On second thought, perhaps I will wear some lipstick, maybe a little bronzer and braid my wild hair. You never know, there could be photograhpers at the race or even TV crews.

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  1. Even after running, you still look better than most moms I know, so don't worry about it. The parties are not a concerted attempt to make you self-conscious - they are all about spending the money (if the making you feel ugly gets you to spend more money though . . . ).