Saturday, March 04, 2006

Whistling Wonder

Beau. Beau. Beau. My little Dennis the Menance with that cute devilish smirk and angelic blond curls do you have us all fooled?

I have to wonder, am I your biggest fool?

Is it all only a joke that you are playing on me? And one day you will break out, laughing at how you tricked me, and go on talking for endless paragraphs with perfect articulation, hitting every syllable of every tri-syllabic word you can string together?

Listen up Beauman, my boy wonder, Mommy is on to you! You! You who has "Apraxia" yet talks all night long in your sleep. You! Who just yesterday I learned can whistle. Com'on man! How many 2 year olds can whistle? None that I know. Heck, Carmella is 5 and she is so green that you can do it and she can't.

I can't prove it yet but soon. Just know my little whistling wonder I am watching you.

1 comment:

  1. Wow - whistling. That is amazing. Annika will be green too!