Sunday, April 09, 2006

My time in Hell

Here are some pictures from Chase's 3rd birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.

I do not love Chuck E. Cheese's-- a.k.a., my personal Hell.

It was a fine place to go when I just had one kid and that kid was Carmella. She would never have left my side with there being a giant rat combing the place. She, rightly so, had a phobia of those giant huggable creatures en costume.

Isn't there a fetish where people like to dress up like those things and do stuff? What's it called? Cuddlies or something? Carmella can spot a freak a mile away.

Beau, on the other hand, is a maniac. He loves the flashing lights, constant noise, the giant rat, the terrible pizza, every bit of the chaos that is Chuck E Cheese. I hate it. I spend the whole time chasing after him and he never really plays any of the games anyway. Oh sure, he'll put his little token in there but some other flashing light and zinging sound will distract him and I am left torn between playing the game or chasing after him. I'm like but the tickets Beau! The tickets! And he is gone. I am in constant panic mode. And he does not care where I am, at all. Actually, Carmella at this point doesn't care where I am either. I worry that someone will snatch one of them or drag them into the bathroom and do terrible, unspeakable things to them. My heart races and I run around trying to find my children while they are happily oblivious and go on their merry little ways.

Even though I HATE this place the kids, all kids, seem to love it. Hence why parents keep having their kid's birthday parties there, I guess.

Chase says "Monster truck!"

Annika says "Happy Birthday Chase!"

Max playing the dirt bike game. Carmella riding bitch.

Beau shaking Chuck E.'s hand.

Charla on Bob the Builder ride.

Livi is Carmella at age 2.

Anna dancing.

Happy Birthday Chase! We love you!

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  1. I love your pics! Thanks for being there even though you hate that place.