Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Son, is that a panty on your head?

Nope. That's my daughter.

Carmella asked me to post this picture of her so everyone would know she is a "super underwear head." As if.

It is genetic, you know. This underwear on the head thing. . .

When I was 4 and my brother was 3 we use to wear our underwear on our head during naptime. Make no mistake, we never napped during naptime.

Instead, we played wonderful games like, astronaut. This highly technical game involved wearing your underwear on your head, of course, and climbing our, what seemed large then, wooden dresser. To climb it we would pull the drawers out. Inevitably this would make the dresser top heavy and it would fall over on us. I say inevitability because it happened more than one time. When it fell on us, we would cry and mom would bust in the room all panicked to find us surrounded by drawers, toppled dresser, clothes and underwear on our heads.

In retrospect, I remember us causing the biggest rukuses during naptime. Had it been me, I would have cut the naps out. And, in case you have any question about it, let my brother and I serve as an example as to why you do not let your children share a room. Trust me on this one.

Anyway, kids these days, they aren't doing anything but wearing panties on their heads. They don't know nothing about super underwear heads, that's fo sho.

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  1. Super photo and great story to go with it. You really made me smile and I'm crabby and tired, so that means a lot.