Thursday, April 06, 2006


This week has been spring break for my kids. Yes, I know, my kids are in preschool, big deal. But it is a big deal. I am use to my Tuesday/Thursday 3 hours of "me time" and I am use to, and like, my schedule. I am a schedule person. I know some people aren't but I like to have schedules. I function better with some kind of structure. It is like a game: what can I fit in between doing x and z. Yes, y, I know but I try to squeeze as many letters as I can into to whatever time frame I have regardless of alphabetical order.

Spring Break means that I have been schedule fucked. It has been a very stressful week for me. I have tried to have a make-shift schedule with things to do but new schedules take time to adjust to and I am a person also adverse to change. The new schedule went like this: Monday we chilled at home and went to the gym. Tuesday we did playgroup at Tara's and then gym after Beau's nap. Yesterday we went to Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta for the kids to see their oldest friends and we even rode MARTA-- always an adventure. Then the kids went to Lala's to play while I worked the stress out of my neck with a very nice 7 mile run. Friday's plans include Aunt Pookie is coming over to give hair cuts and highlight my hair, then we will go to the park or go on a nature hike. Saturday's plan is to attend Chase's birthday party in hell, I meanChuck E. Cheese. Sunday we will probably go to the Dogwood Festival.

Ryan has a new schedule that he is trying out this week too: it is called go to work at 6 am and come home around 9 p.m. after the kids have been fed, bathed and put to bed and dinner will be in the oven waiting for me. I am not terribly fond of his new schedule either.

This week, to say the least, has been difficult for me. I am suddenly a single parent who doesn't work, or rather, doesn't get paid for her work and still has to do all the laundry and cooking for a husband I never see but still sleeps in my bed. If you think I am bitching, you are very perceptive.

But before anyone calls me a whiner I just want to say that I know I am spoiled and that, therefore, makes this all that much more exhausting for me. I am use to help and all the sudden I am tossed to the wolves. Spring Break has been like Mommy Survivor week for me only I didn't get to bring my comfort item. And yes, I know; I would the first to be voted off at tribal council. Like I care at this point.

So yesterday I decided Thursday would be my day and that I deserved some much needed retail therapy today.

The kids, of course, were not happy to hear of today's plans. So last night we negotiated: an hour of jumping atMonkey Joes in exchange for good behavior while Mommy shopped. I knew, of course, that I would be the only one keeping my word. Carmella, for the most part was good to hers too but Beau was not. No surprise there, huh? Beau takes pride in his naughtiness.

We started the shopping day with my friend Camille and her cutie-pies Charla and Julianne. Camille advised me to buy a most fashionable and classic white trench from Banana Republic. I am worried people might mistake me for a doctor in it but I am still keeping it. I have definitely been mistaken for far worse things in regards to my wardrobe choices.

We then took the kids to see the Easter Bunny and got pictures. Then she left me to take her kids to the carousel. I left to meet Bubbles, my mother-in-law, at Parisian to shop for shoes and Easter clothes for Beau. Just as Camille left Bubbles called to say she wanted to meet later than planned. So I was left in the lurch with kids already tired of shopping and no promised Grandma as my shopping distraction.

Then Lala called and invited us to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory . Off we trekked to the factory of cheese. I called Bubbles and she agreed to meet us there. Lunch seemed to take hours but things did turn around for me. I bamboozled my mom into taking the kids with her. This left Bubbles and I to indulge ourselves in probably our one and only shared passion: shopping.

Let me wax for a moment on how I adore my mother-in-law. She is like a shopping guru. She has fabulous taste and will always tell you the truth--even if she doesn't say it with words you can read it in the eyebrow raises and facial expressions. She knows all these shopping secrets and can spot a bargain a mile away. Really, she has a gift and in the 7 years I have been married to her son she has taught me so much. My mom always says I hit the jackpot with Bubbles. She is right, if you combine my mom and Bubbles you'd have the perfect mom.

After lunch and bidding my mom a million thank-you's, we embarked in earnest on our expedition. At first, I was timid. It was bizarre to be so, so, unburdened. But no worries, I got the hang of it. Bubbles and I leisurely shopped. It was just like the old days when her, Carmella and I use to shop. Those were the days before Beau came along and turned Carmella against us.

I bought a shrug by Free People. Bubbles bought baby Patric some outfits. Then we went to shoes and she bought me these 4 inches of golden bliss. I have been coveting them for a while now as they go perfectly with a dress I recently bought but I deemed them too expensive. Today they were on sale but still more than I wanted to spend. She liked them so much she decided I needed them. She totally understands my needs. And this is why I took her along when I shopped for my wedding dress. Not that my mom wasn't helpful and doesn't have good taste but she liked every single dress I tried on. Every dress she said, "It is Beautiful. I love it. Let's get it." Bubbles was the one who audibly gasped and could see no other after I tried on "the one".

The shopping wasn't over til we bought Beau some cute clothes for Easter and summer. We parted ways and even though she passed on babysitting for the night-- and I can't fault her on that-- I am still riding the theraputic high.

I don't understand it--and I know it is terribly materialistic--but buying things, having things, shopping for things, just gives me so much pleasure.

Now, you'll excuse me while I go find other outfits to match my fancy new shoes.

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  1. Good for you and your fancy shoes. : )

    And, thank you for watching Annika at hell (Chuck E. Cheese) while I fed Dagny. You rock.