Friday, July 07, 2006

Birthday Log

That's right I'm 35 today but if queried I'll still lie and say 27.

At any rate I'm bumped up to a new running age group 35-39. This means that I can run slower to qualify for Boston with a 3:45 marathon instead of a 3:40. See, silver lining. I'm an optimist.

I actually had a pretty decent week: Sunday 6 miles, Monday cross-train and weights, Tuesday Peachtree 10K and Olympic beer consumption cross training, Wednesday 7 miles and cross-train and weights, Thursday 7 miles, and Friday 7 miles and cross-train and weights. Saturday is officially a day off as we will be in Hilton Head. I'll pick it back up Sunday and try to keep my mileage at 4-6 miles per day while on vacay. Oh, and no worries, I'll cross-train with the Olympic beer consumption too. Gotta keep that liver in shape.

In other news I have officially signed up to do the OBX marathon on Nov 12th. Not sure when I'll begin training in earnest but probably late August when the kids are back in school. So again, I'll only have 2 months to train but at least this year I'll be wiser and I did pick a flat marathon. The goal this year is to qualify for Boston. If not, I'll do the inaugural Georgia ING in March. Heck, depending on if I get into Boston I may do it anyway as a training run.

So weekly mileage : 33 miles
Items found: Apparently, according to the Peachtree results, 12+ minutes. Fuckers. Yeah, I'm still pissed.


  1. You don't look close to 35. I'd say 25, with wise eyes.

  2. I just noticed the part about the OBX! Good for you! : )

    I'll be glad when you are back in town - I've been missing your posts.