Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Drs Carmella and Beau operate on Batman

Yesterday, while Beau napped, Carmella entertained herself by dressing Batman up in a tutu, fairy wings, a pink feather boa and a princess crown. When Beau woke from his nap to find his superhero emasculated he understandably burst into tears. Batman's gender was quickly restored by Beau literally giving the shirt off his back and finding some trousers in his drawers.

The pink feather boa, however, remained and a party hat was added.

After all this dressing, they, of course, insisted on taking Batman with to the gym. Something must have gone terribly awry in the gym nursery because on the way home Carmella declared that Batman needed surgery and she must operate immediately. Lala, who was with us, quickly agreed to assist. When I asked what exactly was wrong with Batman, Carmella impatiently explained that he was terribly sick and very bored. Only an operation could save him.

Carmella prepped the patient for surgery and ordered Lala and Beau to get ready to operate. Before going to get my camera I did see Beau "scrub in". His technique is nothing less of cutting edge--spitting in his hands and rubbing them together. If that isn't sterile I don't know what is.

Here are the exclusive pictures from the surgery(please note the "surgical masks"):

The surgery had to be halted so that the surgeons could have a bath and some dinner but immediately tended to their patient after they and their plates were clean.

Sadly though it was all to no avail.
Carmella declared Batman dead and that there was nothing more she could do.

Today, even though Batman is supposedly dead, he has been hanging with the kids a la Weekend at Bernies. They have insisted on taking him everywhere--even the gym--the scene of his demise.
Not sure when or if there will be a funeral but I'll let you know if there is one.

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