Sunday, September 10, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend was our last trip to Hilton Head Island until next summer. This time we rented a little house in Sea Pines with our friends Chris and Danielle and their kidlets Harrison and Jacqueline.

We all had a very lovely time, especially the kids. Here are the pictures:

The older three had much fun in the ocean with a raft.

And with boogie boards.

These next few prove that Beau really does only have two MO's: running and sleeping:

Here's little Jackie:

The older Boys:
The catch:

The Sandcastle:
Me and Carmella:
The guys took the kids to the park while Danielle and I ran:

Carmella and Harrison getting along as well as any 6 year old boy and 5 year old girl do:
It seems like I didn't take enough pictures. Maybe the weekend was just too short to do and record all that needed to be done on the last weekend of summer. I'll just have to try harder next summer and on labor day work instead of play so much.

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