Monday, September 04, 2006

Running Log: End Training week 11

As of yesterday there are 10 weeks left until the OBX marathon. Last week marked my first official week of training and it went quite well. I am ahead of schedule. Here is the breakdown:
Sunday: 6 miles--pace slower than target pace.
Monday: 5 miles and upper body weight session--about 30 minutes
Tuesday: Long run; 16 miles at a 9:08 pace--right on target for long run; 38 seconds slower than planned 8:30 pace for the marathon.
Wednesday: Recovery run. 5 miles-- pace was excellent for a recovery run: 8:40. 30 minutes upper body weights
Thursday: 10 miles: 9:35 pace, very uncomfortable. Any soreness I have always shows up several days later than when I think it would. So I really struggled. But I think I would rather struggle during training and be triumphant in the race. And yes, it is all relative.
Friday: Rest day, drove to Hilton Head for a weekend beach trip. Pictures coming soon.
Saturday: Approx 8 miles. Garmin cut out a lot but my pace, when it would register, was between 5:47 and 8:05. I ran hard, got lost and felt great. Saturdays seem to be good days for speedwork for me so I might just stick with doing longish runs with fartleks interspersed and make Sunday an easy run day rather than a target pace day.

Speed work is pretty much falling to the way side it would seem. And I think that is okay. I've done speed work all summer; hopefully that will be enough. I guess we'll see if it was enough come race day. Maybe when the weather cools a bit I will be able to run harder, faster, longer. But I think I can only ask for so much when it is this hot. So out of the three I'll settle for distance. Maybe, hopefully, training in this heat will give me an extra edge in November. If nothing else, I think I can be certain that I won't be dealing with a marathon in 85 degree heat. God willing.

Total miles for the week: 50
Items found: A ton of mosquito bites.

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