Sunday, October 22, 2006

Breakfast Haiku

enriched hominy
cheesy creamy Quaker grits
20 miles undone


  1. Was your 20 minutes lost and therefore undone or did the grits take longer than 20 mins to cook?

    Sometimes grits (and oatmeal) take longer to cook than the directions say. Leave them in the pot with the lid on for a while, that usually helps.

    While we are on the subject of breakfast food, Trader Joes is open. No liquor license yet, but the other stuff is lovely - especially the trail mix section, for us squirrels.

  2. Miles, not minutes. Referring to all the calories I burned yesterday I made up for in my breakfast. Yummy but way more fattening than my regular old Uncle Sam's.
    I am holding out on Trader Joes til they have wine. Loved Trader Joes we visited in Napa. Very excited that we have one now.
    I have a horrible addiction to the Crasian Trail Mix that I must conquer. But olives and crackers I could do.