Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Early Signs of Genius

I think it is important to recognize creativity. And just to be clear, in case you might be confused, there are two types of creativity.

There is the kind with the small letter c. This is usually what is meant like say when you have a crafty friend who is always thinking up cute projects with her glue gun and crap from Michael's. You use this type of creativity in a sentence like this: Oh, my God, Sandy! Your autumnal center piece is adorable! I could never be that creative!

Then there is the creativity that is spelled with the capital C. This is the kind of creativity that is the hallmark of genius. It is the stuff break-thrus in physics, math and art are made of. The stuff Nobel prizes are awarded for. And this is the type of creativity that I am talking about. Specifically, I am talking about Beau.

Beau has a cold. He has a runny nose. I think buying tissues is a waste of money when you have perfectly good toilet paper that you can readily use to wipe or blow your nose. I buy the plush stuff for God's sake. It isn't like I am buying Scott's. And in my house a bathroom, therefore a roll of toilet paper, is only a few steps away. The fact that I refuse to waste $3 dollars on Kleenex distresses both my children. They have both told me how at their school they have tissues. Beau said "At my hool we have issues. I want issues!" Yeah, buddy I know they--and you-- do. Don't. I. Know. It.

So anyway, Beau, ever the problem solver, has discovered that toilet paper isn't the only thing you can wipe your nose on. He spent a good part of this morning pointing stuff out to me. Like, the wall. I came downstairs to find Beau with his upturned nose pressed against the wall and swiping it away. He pointed to the yummy residue left behind and said proudly" See Mama, I ipe my ose!"

Then later when I was getting him dressed for school his nose was running and he smiled knowingly at me and pointed to his rug. "I can ipe my ose dhere!"

And so innovative is he that sometimes he just uses his hands and rubs them really fast together like you do after using the self drying antibacterial.

I can tell. He is going to do something big some day. Big. Just wait.


  1. Howdy! He IS clever, it's a guy thing, we'll break you down with a variety of grossness until you buy us real tissues! Happy trails, Bruce

  2. He is going get you to buy some darn tissues, is what he is going to do now. Tomorrow, the sky is the limit!