Sunday, October 15, 2006

End Training Week 5

One month to go.
I want OBX to be next weekend. I am ready now. A month is too far off. I feel strong and I am worried that I'll either injury myself or lose my edge in the next month. I want to race now.

I still have 1-2 more weeks of hard training until my taper. I am hoping to get a 20 miler in next week and then a 16 the next and taper for 2 weeks. However, I have a convoluted week next week due to Carmella's early release so I don't know how realistic a 20 miler is going to be. I am going to try not sweat it if I can't get it in. Yeah, right.

This week was less of a struggle. It was probably my fastest week yet. I know I posted a midweek updateherebut in case you missed it:
Sunday: rest
Monday: 11 miles 8:45 pace
Tuesday: 9 miles 7:55 pace
Wednesday:18 miles 8:57 pace
Thursday: 4 miles 30 minutes 30 seconds/weights
Friday: 4 miles just under 35 minutes/weights
Saturday: 15 miles 8:12 pace-- This was one of those amazing runs. I felt strong the whole time. I did suffer briefly the burning/numb toes on my left foot. I paused, took my shoe off and massaged my toes and the pain abated. This is what I think my problem is called. I have dealt with this pretty much every year since I started running. But this was the first time I have felt that pain this training cycle. Only thing different is that I wore high heeled boots on Friday. Hopefully this won't prove to be an issue.

Total Miles: 61

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