Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Life You Save Someday May Be Your Own . . .

Should any of these guys ever decide to become part of America's finest;
I think we will all be screwed. Well, maybe not if Carmella is in charge. . . But to be safe, better brush up on your fire safety while you have the chance.
Or, at the very least, remember to change the batteries in your smoke detectors.
So, on Sunday we-- meaning Ryan and the kids and Pat and Meme and baby Pat-- went to the Marietta Fall Festival( yes, I know, another--what can I say we love a festival!)

So yeah, here are the pictures:
There was a fox that the kids taunted or rather our kids taunted and danced with.
Not sure what his role was.
I think the beers at lunch may have caused me to miss some things.

So it was a nice fall afternoon at the festival. And thankfully Ryan's judgment was not altered from the lunch beers and he did not let me "adopt" a kitten for a $150.
And no, Mom, I do not want bad Kitty Boy Thor to come live with us.
And yes, Camille, Thor is still alive.
Questions, anyone else? I mean seriously, I just got Beau potty trained.
Last thing I want is a puppy or kitten.
Or, Mom, a another kid. Cute as they all are.
Guess I better lay off the sauce or Lord knows what is going to happen or what I might think is a good idea.


  1. Thor! That cat has more than 9 lives, I tell you. Creepy.

  2. Good job, Ryan, on the kitten avoidance. See what havoc can be wrought by a couple of innocent beers.