Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Evan Update

This is going to be quick.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers-- they are greatly appreciated.

We've had a bit of good news. It seems that the antibiotics are doing their thing and he is more stable now. The infectious disease doctor seems to feel pretty strongly that he will pull through this but it is going to be an incredibly long and arduous journey for our little guy.

While the disease is under control now it did do some pretty nasty damage. This is most due to DIC an effect from the sepsis. His kidneys have failed and he is currently on dialysis. The infectious disease doctor seemed to think--at least earlier today--that his kidneys may begin functioning again on their own. And we certainly hope so as it will be one less thing to deal with. His legs and ear will need extensive plastic surgery and skin grafts. Where the blood pooled in his legs the tissue is dead and so he will lose a few layers of skin. As the doctor explained it he will be sort of like a burn victim and because of that there will be a high risk of infection.

That is the news I have now. I have been somewhat out of the loop as I took their youngest, Duncan-- who is 6 months old, this afternoon. The ICU is no place for a baby and with Pam being a nursing mom it is pretty hard for her to be away from him for anytime. I just feel terrible for her as both her sons need her so much right now. She is in a terrible place so please save some of your thoughts and prayers for her.

I did get to peek in on Evan when I handed Duncan off. He doesn't look good and is heavily sedated still. But my mom says he looks much better than earlier today. Last night was a really hard and scary night. Hopefully, I pray, he is past the worst of it.

I will post more as I learn more. Thank you again for keeping my family and our precious Evan in your thoughts.

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  1. Thanks for updating Nat. We'll keep up the thoughts and prayers.