Saturday, November 18, 2006

One Little, Two Little, Three Little

The kindergarten classes at Carmella's school have a Thanksgiving feast.
The kids got to choose whether they wanted to be an Indian or a pilgrim.

Funny how at the first Thanksgiving there was probably the same ratio of pilgrims to Indians. But since this is not a political blog that is all I have to say about that.

Carmella, unsurprisingly to me, choose to be an Indian.

When she was two they made her be a pilgrim and she was pretty much the unhappiest pilgrim ever. She hated the collar and the bonnet. She got to be both pilgrim and Indian when she was three but she didn't really like the pilgrim costume that year either. And besides when she was the Indian her Indian name was She of the Pink Boots.
The Indian costume is just more her style especially since she gets to wear her boots and a headdress which is much more like a crown than a bonnet is. Last year she got to be an Indian too--of course we had to call her an Indian princess-- but regardless she liked that much better. I also don't think it hurts that Disney has a movie about an Indian princess and not one about a pilgrim. Not to mention the last part of pilgrim is grim.

Carmella and some of her school buddies:Carmella and Abby
Carmella and Cooper

Carmella and me:

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