Friday, January 12, 2007

GA ING Marathon and Half Marathon Filling up!

So. . . those of you planning on running or are on the fence about running it and are planning to wait until last minute to register you better go ahead and register. The race is now 80% filled with 10,000 registered. They will close the field out at 15,000 for the half and the full combined. In case you guys have doubts remember that every year the Peachtree sells out before everyone can get their applications in and that race has field of 55,000 runners.
So go do it! Sign up! Do it here.


  1. I find that these mega marathon races are filling up quicker every's getting to be like purchasing tickets to a Rolling Stones Concert, get there QUICK!!

  2. wow, that's a ton of runners. wanted to add i dig your blog name. very cool. later.

  3. Bruce--some of them are rock n roll concerts! Hello, Vegas baby! P.F. Chang's. and Nashville. But whatever. I think the more the merrier.
    Aham 23--Welcome, thanks and best of luck to you on your marathon pursuits--I stalked your blog.