Tuesday, January 09, 2007

La la la Lola

As I mentioned here Santa brought Beau and Carmella a puppy for Christmas.

These are some of the pictures from Christmas morning.

What Santa left Beau:

What Santa left Carmella:

What Santa left everyone:

Puppy wakes up Carmella with her howling.

Carmella wakes up Beau and tells him she thinks Santa left them a puppy.

The kids come downstairs and are shocked to see a real live puppy in the living room:

We discuss names.
Carmella suggests Samantha--a good choice but I think Samantha is too common a dog name--not to mention Beau isn't too good with the s sound or tri-syllabic words.
Beau, of course, predictably suggests Parker.
I explain to him the puppy is a girl.
He then suggests Dee Dee.
Dee Dee, he says, is his girlfriend.
Dee Dee is Max and Livi's mom.
Apparently both son and dad think Dee Dee is hot.
They are right, she is.
I suggest Lola-- per Aunt Pookie-- and everyone agrees.
Lola does have a middle name.
If you ask Beau it is Lola Parker Blue.
And if you ask Carmella it is Lola Grace Pink.
And Lola Parker Blue Grace Pink is having absolutely no trouble figuring out who is the Alpha dog around here:

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