Monday, January 15, 2007

New Format and Puppy Girl Update

Following in the blogsteps of Anne and Steph I updated and changed my blog template. I also added AdSense. If you click on the ads I get to make a little money. Money that could fund things like Boston 2008, a kicky new skirt, and other cool races and cute running attire. Thank you in advance should you choose to click. And even if you don't thanks for just coming by to read.

Also, as requested, are recent Lola pictures. She is 9 weeks old and already is twice the size she was 3 weeks ago when we got her. I took her to the vet last week and she was 13 1/2 lbs. Funny how she is exactly between what Beau(14lbs) and Carmella(13lbs) weighed at their 2 month check ups. The vet and I talked about a lot of puppy things and he said I could start running her. I was surprised as I thought it would be a year. But he said short runs and building up over the next year would be fine. She is doing very well on the leash so over the weekend I took her for a 1/4 mile run. She did great and loved it. And it did not wear her out at all. But we will stick with the 1/4 mile jogs for awhile just to be safe. She has gone on a 2 mile walk and did fine with that. She is endurance puppy.

And I know some of you probably spit all over your keyboard to see her on my bed. I promise you that she definitely does not sleep there. And besides, I gave her a bath yesterday so she is very clean. Also, it seemed only fair that I take her puppy portrait on my bed. That is what I did with Carmella and Beau when they were around the same age.
Carmella 8 weeks

Beau 6 weeks
Next up? The Angel portrait, what else?
(Beau 6months)
(Carmella 11 months)
Coming soon the Angel Puppy Lola.


  1. That is going to be one of the happiest huskies in the world with a marathoner as a caretaker. Dogs that are trouble, almost always need attention or excercise; even though I run my dogs on my bike they still can't get enough (or I guess I can't give them enough- okay the fatter one is usually satisfied...) Anyway- beautiful puppy-

  2. Mike thanks.
    And puppy girl is going to kick my ass.
    I mistakenly let her off her leash and she bolted. And by bolted I mean she hauled ass up the street and I was in full on sprint trying to catch her. I can probably run a 6 minute mile and for short bursts definitely faster. It was about a 1/4 mile before I finally caught her and that is because she went in the woods and it slowed her down. So yeah, I have met my match.
    And also, I now know, NEVER, EVER let the husky off the leash. NEVER.