Tuesday, January 02, 2007


if two systems move uniformly relative to each other, then all the laws of mechanics are the same in both systems.
--from the theory of special relativity set forth by Albert Einstein

I am dreaming about time again.
It pours in smooth waterfalls over
the darkened graves of my ancestors.
I try to step,
unchanged into myself, over decaying bones.
Not to slip. Not to fall,
but to arc the distance between my life and my mother's.

Scientists, like my father, measure time
by decay. Calculating slow changes
and the half life of our elements.
Recognizing, under strange circumstances
time might flow backwards,
caving into itself.

In memory I am digging
in hot baked clay. A hopeful archeologist,
with Mother's fine silver spoons.
Breaking open the dried cast patterns of Georgia
I bend the antique pattern back.

***I suppose that must seem a bit random. I've been kind of busy and felt bad for not posting much in awhile. Shrug, forgive me the poetic filler. Just consider it the blogging equivalent to elevator music.***


  1. Not at all elevator music. It is really quite good.

  2. I love it. Anyone who is running 40 mpw is too busy for good posting.