Sunday, February 18, 2007

Training update

I've had lots of posts about the kiddos lately and have been very remiss about posting my training. And there is a very good reason for that.

My training of late has been sucking ass.

The week before last week I didn't get in a long run and only managed 31 miles. I don't think I have run that little since sometime last summer.

My resolve of late has weakened. Usually I can make myself run even when I don't feel like it or something hurts or the weather sucks.Whatever. I can almost always make myself get it done. But it would seem I have developed this attitude of why do it if it is going to make me miserable?

Normally, when I am loathe to do a run, I still know that even if I do it I will feel better afterwards. But since it has been so cold I know going in that this will not be the case. I will be miserable while I run and cold and wet and tired after I finish. Even on a bad run on a nice day I will finish happy. But a bitterly cold and windy day? I just finish as miserable if not more miserable when I started. Why do it? Why bother?

That is what I say to myself and have been saying. I go out there but decide a few miles in that I am only doing 10 miles or eight and that is because all I can stand is about an hour or so of running in this weather--which to some, I know, isn't all that bad. But to me it is.

So while last week was just a total wash--3 mid length runs and no long run or speed work--this week just a tad better.

Sunday: Started off well enough. Took Lola for a 2 mile run and then I ran 6 alone without her.
Monday: 10 miles in the morning and then took Lola and the kids for a 2 mile walk in the afternoon.
Tuesday: I can't remember but I am pretty certain I didn't do anything. I was so busy I just couldn't work it in.
Wednesday: Again really busy with the vday holiday crap I couldn't get a workout it in.
Thursday: Was planning on trying to do 18 or so but ended up doing 8 in the morning. I just didn't like being out there. I went to the gym in the afternoon and did a 10k on the treadmill in just a hair under 46 minutes. So I felt pretty good about that. I did leg and upper body weights.
Friday: Gym in the morning. I was so tired and it took some convincing to get me on the treadmill. I warmed up for 20 minutes on the elliptical and then ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill. I did one mile in just under 7 but varied the rest between a 7 minute pace and walking. I ended up doing around 3.5 miles in 30 minutes. Called it a day. I felt like I was getting a stomach bug in the evening but ended up being fine. So maybe I had a touch of something.
Saturday: We had the party we were suppose to have last week last night. We also had Carmella's gymnastic party in the afternoon. I had wanted to do 20 miles but ran out of time. It took me over four hours to clean my house and get everything set up for the party so I just didn't have the 3 hours I needed for a long run--not that I had the energy to run for 3 hours by that point anyway. So I ran 10 miles and then came and got Lola and ran her a fast 2 miles. Not sure of our pace but we ran pretty hard. I had to drag her a little. I am sure I won't be faster than her for long.

MPW: 47 and no long run, again. But at least I got some speed work in.

On to next week.


  1. Sounds like you're simply worn out and needed a cut-back recovery week anyway; plus, the weather isn't helpful, AND you don't enjoy treadmills (I can do treadmills without the feeling of boredom, but that's only because when I run early I'm brain-dead anyway. Why train? Maybe because YOU HAVE A RACE SOON!!! If it wasn't for my goal races I would find it difficult to get out of bed.

  2. Hey Ms Natalie,
    I agree with Bruce! Sounds like you had a very hectic week and you probably was due for a cut back week...besides running in the cold least for me. Remember...4 more weeks till the ING!

    Some good news!...I finally started up my running again! :o) Six weeks were up today to rest my shin splits/stress fractures...but...I cheated. I got some brand new shoes...Asics Kayano...from Jamie from Footrx and just had to try them out about 10 days ago...and it felt soooo goood! I started off slow with a combination of walking and running on the treadmill and resting every other day...and just increased my running miles a mile every other day. Today I did 10K on the treadmill while watching the Daytona 500. The first 5K was in 23 minutes and finished with 45:01 for the whole 10K...It felt sooo good to run that distance.


  3. Wow Charlie that is great! The rest really paid off. I know that felt good to come back and run a strong 10k.

    I know, 4 more weeks--that is close. Hopefully I can get in 2 20+ long runs before then. It looks like it is going to be a little warmer this week.

    Bruce--congrats on your new 5k record. Races motivate me too but lately it isn't working so well. I mean I know I will be able to run and finish ING but with my training this go around I don't think I am looking at any PR's so I've kind of lost a bit of motivation.

    Thanks guys for you support/advice. I appreciate it and hopefully this week will go better. However, the kids have today and tomorrow off from school. Feb is too short with too much going on and way too close to the end of March when ING is.

  4. This week has sucked with the frigid weather. I nearly turned back on my run yesterday when I realized that the trail at the park was so hard because it was FROZEN. If the trail is frozen, the sidewalk is not any harder.

    I hear you on the misery, though, the only thing that got me through yesterday (which would be a short run for you) was the idea of Doug's bolognese sauce for dinner.

    4 weeks, that is really soon!

  5. Seriously, I am ending all long runs at your house. Totally not fair that you get a hot meal waiting for you. Let's see it is what, about 8 miles from my house to yours? I suppose if he his making something really fattening I could go the long way around and make it about 14 miles.

  6. He doesn't make anything without the fat/carbs/spice. : ) You are welcome for dinner anytime - frequently Doug cooks on Sundays and we end up with extra. . .

    If you have any 8-10 mile routes that you can recommend, please send them my way. The non-sidewalk route I took on Sun sucked.