Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What's it all about?

Apparently, not the hokey pokey-- as I have always been led to believe.

This is the breakfast conversation I was just now privy to:

"Beau, it is all about the toys. All. About. The. Toys." Carmella informs him. Waving her fork, eggless now, like a lecture's pointer. Beau, listens aptly while quickly shoving eggs, waffles, and apples into his mouth. His plate almost empty now. Carmella's untouched.

"Wait," Carmella pauses and brings fork to her lip, still eggless, waffless, appleless, pondering. "Or is it all about Jesus?" She tries it out, quietly to herself:" It is all about Jesus. It is all about the toys."

Certain now, she tells Beau: "It is all about Jesus."

This is why it takes Carmella 45 minutes to eat half of her breakfast and why I have to wake her up at 6 am so we can leave for school by 7:30 am. Too.Much.Conversation.


  1. LOL. That is so cute. In my family, you learned quickly to eat first and talk later...or starve.

  2. I am trying to instill this in my kids--eat first talk later-- but they don't care. Beau generally eats but Carmella takes forever to eat--drives me bananas.