Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Weighty Haiku

Forgive me Father
For the sin of Samoas
It is the taper


  1. We have 10 boxes. If you want more, just let me know - no Samosas, though. Doug hates coconut.

  2. Ummmm, Steph? I think she'll be really made if any more of those show before the 25th... Steady, girl. Stay on target... Stay on target...

  3. i'm blaming the taper for the 1/2 box of whoppers left over from the oscars party i ate last night....

  4. Hi Natalie, LOL

    I have 10 of 12 boxes of Samoas in the freezer (two boxes mysteriously disappeared)...along with some Do-Si-Dos and some Thin Mints. I have connections...I have a cookie pusher I can get all I want...I have my own Girl Scout! ;o)


  5. Steph-- I thought we were friends. I already have 5 boxes of WTF was I thinking. I do not want more. Besides I do only like the Samoas.

    Wes-- so long as my target is to consume as many cookies as I can everyday I should be fine. Otherwise I am pretty much screwed.

    James--It is just wrong how hungry I am. It is just wrong that my appetite is still as big as it was in the peak of my training. Sabotage.

    Charlie-- I may too get my very own pusher. Carmella keeps telling me she wants to do Brownies. I can see it now--me eating everyone's cookies before she can deliver them. The shame of it.