Thursday, March 01, 2007

What happens when I wear make up to the gym

I figure I'll go ahead and do my update now since I can get it in.

I have kid who is napping, puppy who is napping and sick kid who has spent all afternoon coloring and drawing.

And I should say that I really appreciate that she can entertain herself so easily and has so much focus. Really, I do. I even admire her for it and wish I had a quarter of it. The problem? You ask? Well, everything is a master piece. Do you know how small my house is? How I am suppose to save every. single. masterpiece? I am always relieved when she tells me some of them are meant for others. Then I won't have to wait until she is at school or in bed to throw out the masterpieces nor will I have to deal with the subsequent and inevitable guilt of throwing out a masterpiece.

So I digress. Anway . . .I am probably not going to get much running or writing in Friday or Saturday since Carmella has to stay home from school and I have social commitments on Saturday and a race on Sunday.

Sunday: Rest, went to Monkey Joe's, jumped around, took kids for a walk.
Monday: 4 miles speed workout on the treadmill 31 minutes--little slower than usual. 20 minutes weights.
Tuesday: 10 miles-- no idea about pace or time.
2 mile walk with kids and Lola
Wednesday: Long run. According to Garmin it was just under 19 miles in 2 hours and 51 minutes. But I didn't think that was right so I checked the route again here and it was just under 20 miles. My GPS kept going out the first 8 or so miles and I made lots of turns. It is frustrating that I can't really depend on Garmin.
1 mile walk with Lola to work out the kinks in the afternoon.
Thursday: 35 minutes on the elliptical and 4 miles on the treadmill in 31 minutes.

Today I went to the gym around 2pm. I never go at this time since the nursery is not open but Ryan was home today and watched the kids so I could go. Since I had to take Carmella to the doctor today I put makeup on and fixed my hair. Normally I spend my day in my running attire with wildly knotted hair and no makeup. Doing hair and makeup takes time away from running or doing one of the other million, I think, more important things I have to do. However, I do try to make an effort to look good whenever I need to be my child's advocate in person. Going to doctor's appointments is one of those times. I think people are more apt to listen to me if I looked pulled together (even if, really, I am not). Plus I have found that I never run into anyone I know when I do look good. I only see old classmates, ex boyfriends, old co-workers when I am hideous and disheveled. So getting dressed up when my kids are sick assures me that while I am tending to sick kids I won't also have to worry about making social niceties and small talks with blasts from the past.

I know, I know, get to the f-ing point. Sorry, like I said I have sick kid who is entertaining herself and napping kid and napping puppy. I can afford to be slightly self indulgent right now. Go write your novel you say? Shush, I am being frivolously self indulgent not lofty pursuits indulgent.

Point is that I went to the gym today looking much better than I normally do when I am there. For the most part there was no one there. I was on the elliptical and this guy came over and started talking to me. He offered me a magazine first and this forced me to take my headphones off. Then we started a conversation. We talked for the 20 minutes I had left on the elliptical. All the while I couldn't decide if he was hitting on me or not. I kept thinking either he was or that he was just trying to figure out the appropriate moment to ask me if Jesus was my personal Lord and Saviour? And would I? Like to come to bible study with him?

But that never happened and instead he offered me a pamphlet on triathlon training. Mmm, the cult of tri-ing. Interesting and very nice and all but I am a runner and an idiot on a bike and while I am a good swimmer I don't like getting kicked in the face or swam over or peed on. I even told him all this.

Then I went and did my treadmill run and afterwards he called me back over to chat. After dropping the husband and the kids and puppy into the conversation several times he asked if I had a sister. So I don't know maybe he was hitting on me, maybe he was selling me on some tri program, maybe he was just being friendly. All I am saying is that no one ever talks to me at the gym--except my pal Mike and that is because he is friends with everyone at the gym and feels sorry for me because I have no gym friends(even though I have been going regularly for over 3 years)--I am persona non grata. I am gym loser. See? Amazing what a hair brush and little make up can do for a girl.

Well, yeah, so anyway I don't know if I am going to get run anymore this week. I'd like to try and get to 50 mpw but it isn't looking hopeful. I am at 37/38 mpw. A few rest days is probably a good idea though if I want to do well in the half on Sunday. So I'll just be okay with whatever.

As far as novel pursuits go . . . it is coming along, slowly. Not sure how much I got in today-- at least another page, maybe 2. My time got cut short and I find I spend too much time editing, reworking what I did the day before. This has always been a problem for me. I know it is probably a better idea to just keep writing and then go back but I like to work stuff in, change it, move things around every time I come back to it. So at this rate I am thinking I will be finished in a year. Nora Roberts? Joyce Carol Oates? Obviously, I am not.


  1. We have to wait for sleep or school to throw out the masterpieces too. Otherwise, the crushed, "why is my [insert name of masterpiece here] in the GARBAGE?!?!?"

  2. A few days of rest will do ya good! I like to think the best of people until I have reason not to. So many masterpieces, so little time!

  3. Hey Ms Natalie,

    We use to "retire" or kid's "masterpieces" from the fridge to a copy paper for each one with their names on it...then we would go through them once a year or so to thin them out. We try to save a few from each year...It's amazing to go back through their pictures and see their progression.

    Hope you all are safe and sound and weren't affected by all those tornados. We have tornado watches in effect till about noon...but we normally don't really get much here.

    Hope you do well on your race Sunday!


  4. Steph
    Carmella has gotten much better about throwing things out. I am breaking her of her pack rat nature. I usually have her pick what we can save. I mean I get at least 10 peices of work home from shcool a day and that doesn't even compare to what she does at home. Beau on the otherhand wants everything he touched saved.Yesterday he brought a picute home and he keeps saying his teacher told him to put it in the fridge. I am like are you sure she didn't say "on" the fridge. No, in. So I have a little masterpiece sitting ontop of some leftovers.

  5. Charlie
    I don't even have room on my fridge --or magnets--to hold the amount of stuff they have. I make them choose. We have been known to tape them to the door and the garage fridge too. I could wallpaper every room in my house and still have tons to spare. I do save the more important ones, the ones that they did--without teacher help--or that show some significant leap in development.

  6. Wes
    I like to assume the best about people too but I am always suspicious nontheless. I have to admit, regardless of motive, it was nice to have someone to chat with. I just found it funny that the one day I put effort into my appearance was the first time someone talked to me.

  7. Geez, I've been a member at 24 Hour Fitness for six years and never had ANYONE chat with me...maybe I should get a haircut?

    Good luck on your race this Sunday, can hardly wait to read about your latest success!!

  8. Bruce--either that or maybe some makeup? Hot new outfit?
    And thanks for the confidence about the race. I'll be sure to update. Hopefully it goes well.

  9. hey nat - another atlanta blogger! thanks to wes for sharing your blog.

  10. Great post. sounds like you're quite the speed racer! On another note, the whole reliable Garmin thing... I have dealt with that too when running this summer under big trees... Kind of frustrating. Good luck on your race!

  11. Ms Natalie...A most excellent time on your Half Marathon. 15th overall female is great. A wonderful tuneup for your marathon!