Monday, April 23, 2007

Defining the hood

That is Beau's latest parlor trick. It creeps me out every time he does it but it also sends me into fits of giggles. It is just so wrong. It hurts to look at him.

So this morning as Beau and I waited for Wendy (Parker's mom) to pick him up for school we had this conversation:

Beau: pointing to our neighbor who just came out of his house, waved, and got in his car That's our neighbor?

Me: Yes.

Because his house is next to ours? to really drive the point home he uses his hands; miming for me exactly what next to is.

Me: Yes.

Beau: pointing to house on the other side and again doing his sign language for house next doorAnd that is our neighbor too?

Me: Yes.

Beau: showing with his fingers, arranging them before he speaks and points up the street: Chase and Sage live 3 houses up so they are not our neighbor but our neighbor's neighbor?

Me: Uhm, well. . . . I hesitate but then decide to just agree so that I don't have to expand on what qualifies one as a neighbor. Mostly though I just agree so I don't have to spend the rest of the morning going over if in each and every house on our street is a neighbor and why they are neighbor because he might not get in Wendy's car until we have thoroughly discussed all of the 20 or so houses on the street and surrounding streets to determine if the people who live there are a neighbor or not and if not exactly whose neighbor they are.
Beau: pointing again to neighbor-- who is still sitting in his car, possibly because he is eavesdropping on this riveting conversation. On Halloween I went to the neighbor's house.

Me: Yes.

Beau: further expounding, in case I don't understand what he means by "Halloween"' again, using hands to show I wore my Darth Vader costume. I had my life saber and my pumpkin. I knocked on the door and said 'trick or treat'. They gave me candy.

Me: Yes, I know.

Beau: I like candy.


  1. PLEASE get him to stop doing that eye thing. Can'tyou tell him something like "they'll get stuck if you keep doing that"! I absolutely hate that he's doing this.

  2. Gosh, Beau's resemblance to Buster Keaton's silent movie character is amazing!

  3. The eyes give me a headache just looking at them. OW!