Sunday, April 08, 2007


We are folding boxes.
Empty, white chambers,
spiraling like steeples.
It is so simple,
says Jezebel,
holding an unfolded box in her hand.
Just close your eyes and ask your heart,
she says,
folding another box.

I close my eyes
and dream your lips on my face
rounded in a sighing wet O.
You step out of me--
beguiled by bright fruit
in painted hands.
I ask,
how can you leave
my heart a closed dark place?
It is so simple, you say.

Last night Judas came home
in your place. He sat next to me
at our table. He kissed me,
turning and spilling more than wine.
Just forget the heart, he said.
It is so simple,
to let things in and out,
come and go.

I close my eyes and imagine Him
stepping down from his cross,
pulling open my chest with split hands
and climbing inside of me
to let bright light shine
from my stigmata-ed heart.
It is that simple.

Today we went to church and the minister called today "Resurrection Day" and I thought of this poem I wrote many years ago. Funny, but to me it means different things now than when I wrote it.

I have pictures from my beach trip, from my Easter. I will post later. Last week's running was dismal-- only 4 days of running and about 25 miles. Oh well, on to next week. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

PS. April is poetry month.


  1. I need to be more flexible like you! Flexibliity of the muscles is important, yes, but flexibility of the mind is much more so. You've just finished a tough race and are bending your running schedule to fit your feelings, not the other way around. SMART!!

  2. I had forgotten how well you do this.