Friday, April 27, 2007

So I was thinking. . .

As a child my 3 favorite shows were: Captain Kangaroo, Sesame Street and The Lawrence Welk show.

And I was thinking, you know, for Pookie's wedding it might be worthwhile to look at some clips of those old shows so we could brush up on our dance skills.

I also think, most definitely, that we should get an accordion player.
Every DJ does it . . .

Who doesn't love a Polka?

Finally a reason for it!
We can put to use our elementary school PE class acquired Square Dancing skills. Disco Square Dance--this makes me giggle so much.

And I think--instead of a toast, it would be really cool if the bride's maids did something like this. Surely Pam can play the piano but it might be cool with a flute too:

Yeah, still high on something. . .


  1. YES I love your ideas. But maybe we can use flamengos to accompany the merry go round girls since they will be there anyway. Won't it be fabulous? Nat, with your amazing voice how bout you do the singing?

  2. Nat, your brilliant! I say :-)

  3. You are high!

    I love the chicken dance and the polkas. That seems like a dance I could do!