Sunday, September 09, 2007

Curses, Foiled Again!

Blasted Aqua fit.

Went to the gym to swim Saturday AM. No easy feat herding the cats to the gym by 9 am on a weekend. Especially when they don't want to go. Well, Carmella did but Beau had other ideas. We were having one of those strong willed child days where he disagrees with everything I want him to do-- even if he really does want to do it. It is so annoying.

I just shove him in Kids Klub and he collapses on the floor and sobs with his head buried in his arms(he is an Oscar worthy actor). I tell them I will be back in 30 minutes. Carmella is already off playing and Beau just carries on. I leave him there to his tears and go the locker room. I get my stuff together and walk out to the pool. And much to my dismay is the Aqua Fit class bobbing up and down. Curses.

So I collect my stuff and go to get the kids. In the 3 minutes I have been gone Beau has miraculously overcome his devastation and is quite happily playing with his friends. That is until he sees me. And then he starts in about how he most definitely does not want to go to Kids Klub. Kids Klub is dumb. Boring even. And I tell him that is fine. We are leaving.

He rapid fired switches his gears and now throws a fit about how he most definitely does NOT want to leave Kids Klub. I cut the theatrics short and tell him he is going to Meme's. He rapid fire changes his tune again and we all walk to the car--Beau happily skipping now and Carmella and I just roll our eyes at him. He is just so fun when he acts like this. I just love it. Really, it is so cute!

Aunt Meme had graciously volunteered to take the kids to her nephew's b-ball game the night before. And before she could second guess her offer I accepted. So I had nearly 2 free hours--pretty much unheard of for me on a Saturday. So I took Lance for a little ride. We did a tour de Roswell that came in at 23 miles and was quite enjoyable. Well except for the brief jaunt down HWY 92 where after the first big truck doing 50+mph blew past me I hopped on the sidewalk with my tail tucked. But the rest of the ride was very nice and not at all humiliating. Anyway . . .Thanks Meme!

Week's end tally
Run: 51 miles
Bike: 46 miles
Swim: 600 meters


  1. good for you! now for the important stuff--how was the bachelorette party?

  2. Yea! Kiss and tell! What did you girls do? Hmmmm??

  3. I am working on uploading photos. I started the post last night but will have to finish it later today.Metting Steph for a bike ride!
    So maybe today or tomorrow. And I have to say considering my sister's friends it was surprising tame and void of all the drama I expected.

  4. Haaaaa... burned by Aqua Fit! Been there.