Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Night at my House

Ryan and I just had this exchange:

R: Guess what we (he and the kids) are watching?

Me: What?

R: Austin Powers. (rolling his eyes)They totally don't get it.

Me: Really? That is surprising since Beau has been studying Ecology and Carmella has been reading from my Norton Anthology of Postmodern Poetry today. I totally thought they were high brow enough to get Austin Powers.

R: No. Carmella keeps saying "Daddy. His tummy is really hairy. Gross." And: " Look at her. She has really big boobies." And I'm like, yeah, that's what I'm thinking. And Beau says " Yeah! Baby!."

Me: Uhm, yeah. I think they get it.


  1. Could be worse. Beau could be asking if he makes you horny. LOL.

  2. Yes, I am sure that is next. Just what I need.