Wednesday, October 17, 2007

On having no Gojo and being all squirelly . . .


Like shit. It happens.

And, I guess this is how it happens:

I had an awesome workout on Monday.

So fabulous and fun I would call it a playout, not a workout at all: 5 mile run, 36 mile bike (at the Greenway, with my ipod-- 126 minutes of music joy. I am totally living in the past of it--it was that delicious), and then 20 minutes upper body weights, and a 1 mile swim. So yeah, about as much time as my 24 miler took me last Thursday.

I think maybe I kicked it a little too hard.

But hey, I was having fun.

And really, if I think about it, I've had some spectacular workouts lately: 24 mile run 6 days ago, double 5k's (and weights) 5 days ago, a bike/run brick 4 days ago, 8 miles 3 days ago. . .

And so, I suppose, I really shouldn't be surprised that when I went out for my planned 16 miler today I had no mojo to get my gojo go go a going. I ran a total of 3 miles and said; screw it. Okay, really, to quote my buddy Stephan,I said "Fuck this." (You need to know my nose was all crinkled up when I said it because that is how he does it.)

At the time I thought I might rally and make it to the gym for a speed workout and a swim but no, instead I am enjoying, very much, some Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale and Harpoon Oktoberfest. I heart beer. No beer diet for this chica.


So what if the beer it isn't stoking my gojo but just maybe it is my mojo, er uhm , if you know what I am saying. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

I don't know what is up with me. There is no physical reason I couldn't/didn't suck it up and do my run. I have no sore muscles and I have run much further when I have been sadder/sorer/tireder/stressed etc. There is, of course, the fact that I had no Espresso Love Gu's to which absolutely I am addicted to. But that is silly. Right? I use to run 16 miles with just water so that's no excuse.

And, admittedly I am a bit bothered by the recent attacks on female joggers. Very close to home. But seriously, I run 20+ mile runs so I am bound to be close to some of these attacks even if they don't happen right next door. So not much of an excuse either.

So maybe my mojo is off because we are so poor and everyone but the IRS knows it. Please rain, please rain, please rain. And yes, it is more than the just the drought that is making it impossible to be in the landscaping business. But I am use to things sucking, so. . .

Really, there is no excuse.

I just bailed. Plain and simple. I am totally unapologetic about it.

Oh, and, by the way, tomorrow I am going to work with Ryan.

You read that right: Moi. Work. Ryan.

That's right. My princess ass will be out pulling the deadheads and planting the pansies and getting myself elbow deep and personal with roly-polys and worms.

But hopefully the beer and hard labor will get me outta my funk and on the straight for my last 20 miler (this Friday) before I embark on the dreaded taper.

Oh, and I am having a garage sale again this weekend too. So please, wish me unburdening of my junk and money in my pockets.

Hope everyone had a better run/bike/swim than I did today.

PS: Sorry Lala for all the unlady-like cussing.


  1. I think you're just in a panic about all that pansey planting you're gonna do tomorrow. BE ONE with the earth Nat. (and stop that cussing)

  2. Uh, hello? Overtraining? You might be a little strung out, physically speaking. Everyone needs a day off sometimes.

    Even someone who is uber-fast/strong/flexible/hot.

    I'm just saying . . .

    Good luck with the pansies. Worms are your friend.

  3. Am I wierd because I would rather plant pansies than run 24 miles, 16 miles, heck anything over 6 miles. Have fun digging in the dirt.

  4. I think a lot of us would take one of your bad days, any day :-) Being on a beer diet doesn't require ABSTINANCE :-) As a matter of fact, it may be entirely likely that my diet is another runner's (a'hem), normal beer consumption! LOL...

    Yea, not having any rain just sucks. I haven't seen my yard buddy in ages. I trade him beer and food for lawn service. Hopefully we'll get a deluge today and tomorrow. Then, the ground will be really soft so you don't break any nails and harm any roly-polys :-)

  5. Hey Ms Natalie,

    The rain is coming!!! And your mojo is still there. You did do a lot the day before, so I wouldn't be soo upset about not having the desire to run...well...I would, but still...You sound like you are still getting some great training in...sometimes just getting past the 4-5 mile mark does it for me, then I have to force myself to stop when I'm suppose to.

    Tomorrow is another day...and it will rain!


  6. Your race is coming soon, better to undertrain than to overtrain. The yard work would be considered a good hard exercise I HATE yard work.